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Alison Murray is a Canadian director of films, documentaries and music videos.

Murray's documentaries include Carny and Train on the Brain (2000). Her most well known feature length film is Mouth to Mouth (2005) starring Ellen Page. One of Murray's great skills as a filmmaker is to bring her camera into the subcultures that she chronicles. In her feature film "Mouth to Mouth" she tells the story of a teenager who runs away from home and ends up in a European youth cult. In "Train on the Brain", Murray gives us a glimpse into the lives of teenage hobos. In "Carny" the viewer is brought into the private and secretive lives of carnival workers.[1]

Murray has a number of short films to her credit, including "Aeroplane Man", "Marissa Carnesky's Jewess Tatooess", "Bloody Mess", "Teenage Rampage", "Bare Feet and Crazy Legs", "Wank Stallions", "Pantyhead", "Sleezeburger", and "Kissy Suzuki Suck".[2]

Murray was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and ran away to London when she was 15. She studied film at the Royal College of Art, receiving an M.A. in Film.[3]

Murray is also an accomplished dancer and teacher of Argentine tango.


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