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Gender Male
Language(s) Greek
Meaning Helper, Friend
Other names
See also Alexander, Alasdair

Alistair (also Alasdair and variants) is a male given name. Alasdair is the Scottish Gaelic spelling of the name, in origin the Gaelic form of the name Alexander (Greek Αλέξανδρος Aléxandros). Also common is the anglicised spelling Alistair.[1]

Originally a Scottish given name, it became widespread throughout the Anglosphere during the 19th and 20th centuries. Previous to that, it was considered exclusively a Scottish name.

The Scottish Clan MacAlister is on record as a branch of Clan Donald from the mid-16th century. Its eponymous founder is traditionally held to be Alasdair Mòr (fl. 1250s), a younger son of Domhnall mac Raghnaill.


Spelling variants of the name include: [1][2]

Alasdair, Alasdhair, Alastair, Alastar, Alaster, Alastor, Alaisdair, Alaistair, Alaister, Aleister, Alestair, Alester, Alisdair, Alistair, Alistar, Alister, Allastair, Allaster, Allastir, Allester, Allistair, Allistar, Allister, Allistir, Allysdair, Allystair, Allyster, Alysdair, Alysdare, Alystair, Alyster, Aldair


living people (as of 2013)

  • Alastair, pseudonym of Baron Hans Henning Voigt, a German artist

In fiction[edit]