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This article is about the Japanese album. For Big Bang's Korean EP of same name, see Alive (EP).
Regular edition cover
Studio album by Big Bang
Released March 28, 2012 (2012-03-28)
Recorded YG Studio, Seoul, South Korea
Genre Dance-pop, electropop, hip hop, R&B
Length 30:43
Label YGEX
Avex Trax
Producer G-Dragon, Boys Noize
Big Bang chronology
Alive (EP)
BIGBANG Non-Stop Mix
Big Bang Japanese albums chronology
Big Bang 2

Alive is the fourth Japanese studio album (sixth overall) by South Korean boy band Big Bang. It was released on March 28, 2012[1] including 10 songs: 4 Japanese versions, 2 new songs and 4 songs already released in Korean from the EP of same name.[2] The album is the first release of the group under the label YGEX, a partnership between the Korean agency YG Entertainment with the Japanese label Avex Trax. The album was re-released in June 20 under the name "Alive -Monster Edition-". It included 9 songs of the Alive original album, 1 Japanese version and 2 songs released in Korean.[3]


The album was released in five different editions: 2 CD+2DVD+Photobook (Type E comes with Goods and an exclusive video on DVD Disc 2. This version is only available at HMV Japan.[4]), 2 CD+DVD (Type B comes with the DVD Disc 2 and Type C with the DVD Disc 3) and a Regular edition.[5]

Monster edition[edit]

A re-released edition, titled "Alive -Monster Edition-", was be released in 3 versions: CD+DVD+T-Shirt,[6] CD+DVD[7] and CD only.[3][8]


All songs from the album were written and produced by G-Dragon. On the Korean songs, additional rap lyrics were written by T.O.P. The song "Wings" was written and sung by Daesung.

The album includes 2 original Japanese songs, such as "Ego" and "Feeling"; Japanese versions of the songs "Blue", "Fantastic Baby", "Bad Boy" and "Haru Haru", previously released in Korean and 4 originally Korean songs, "Intro (Alive)", "Love Dust", "Ain't No Fun" and "Wings", Daesung's solo song. The Japanese version of the song "Haru Haru" was previously released on the greatest hits album The Best of Big Bang.

"Feeling" is produced and arranged by the German EDM and electro house producer and DJ Alexander Ridha A.K.A Boys Noize.


Since the album does not have singles, all music videos from the album ("Fantastic Baby", "Blue" and "Bad Boy") were released through music TV channels, such as MTV Japan, Space Shower TV and M-ON! (Music On! TV).

Live performances[edit]

The group performed the Japanese version of the song "Fantastic Baby" on NTV's show Happy Music in March 30, on NHK's show Music Japan and on NTV's show Music Lovers in April 1.

Track listing[edit]

Digital album tracklist[9]
No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Alive" (Intro) G-Dragon, Teddy, T.O.P Dee.P, G-Dragon, Teddy Teddy 0:48
2. "Fantastic Baby" (Japanese version) G-Dragon, Verbal G-Dragon, Teddy Teddy 3:52
3. "Blue" (Japanese version) G-Dragon G-Dragon, Choice 37 Teddy 3:54
4. "Love Dust" (사랑먼지; Sarangmeonji) G-Dragon, Teddy, T.O.P G-Dragon, Teddy Teddy 3:52
5. "Feeling"   G-Dragon Boys Noize, G-Dragon Boys Noize 3:34
6. "Ain't No Fun" (재미없어; Jaemieobseo) G-Dragon, T.O.P G-Dragon, DJ Murf, Peejay DJ Murf, Peejay 3:42
7. "Bad Boy" (Japanese version) G-Dragon G-Dragon, Choice 37 Choice37 3:58
8. "Ego"   G-Dragon Ham Seung Chun, Kang Wook Jin, G-Dragon Ham Seung Chun, Kang Wook Jin 3:25
9. "Wings" (날개; Nalgae) (D-Lite solo) G-Dragon, Daesung G-Dragon, Choi Pil Kang Choi Pil Kang 3:43
Total length:
Monster Edition tracklist[8]
No. Title Length
1. "Still Alive"   03:18
2. "Monster" (Japanese version) 04:38
3. "Fantastic Baby" (Japanese version) 03:50
4. "Blue" (Japanese version) 03:59
5. "Love Dust" (사랑먼지; Sarangmeonji) 03:51
6. "Feeling"   03:33
7. "Ain't No Fun" (재미없어; Jaemieobseo) 03:43
8. "Bad Boy" (Japanese version) 03:55
9. "Ego"   03:25
10. "Wings" (날개; Nalgae) (D-Lite solo) 03:43
11. "Bingle Bingle"   03:00
12. "Haru Haru" (Japanese version) (Bonus track) 04:16