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Alive Naturalsound Records
Alive Naturalsound Records.svg
  • Patrick Boissel
  • Suzy Shaw
Country of origin United States
Location Burbank, California
Official website

Alive Naturalsound Records (also known simply as Alive Records) started in 1994 in Los Angeles, California, by Patrick Boissel, is an independent record label specializing in garage rock, punk blues, garage punk, psychedelic rock, power pop and blues rock music. It grew out of Boissel's association with the US label Bomp! Records.


Alive bands on tour as of 2014[1]
Artists with releases on Alive Naturalsound[2]


Selected releases for Alive Naturalsound Records[2]
Yr Cat. # Release title Artist(s)
2014 ALIVE160 Magical Dirt Radio Moscow
2013 ALIVE154 Desert Skies Beachwood Sparks
2013 ALIVE153 The Brand New Z.Z. Hill Album Z.Z. Hill
2013 ALIVE146 Raw Spitt Charlie Whitehead
2013 ALIVE145 In Between Tears Irma Thomas
2013 ALIVE141 Total Destruction To Your Mind Swamp Dogg
2012 ALIVE137 Alive at The Deep Blues Fest Various
2012 ALIVE135 Life Andre Williams
2012 ALIVE129 3 & 3 Quarters Radio Moscow
2012 ALIVE127 Where Is Parker Griggs Various
2011 ALIVE124 The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz Radio Moscow
2011 ALIVE123 3 Buffalo Killers
2011 ALIVE121 The Case Files Peter Case
2011 ALIVE118 Junkyard Speed Ball Left Lane Cruiser
2010 ALIVE114 Most of What Follows Is True The Sights
2010 ALIVE112 Kill City Iggy Pop & James Williamson
2010 ALIVE110 King of Power Pop! Paul Collins
2010 ALIVE109 Devotionals Tyson Vogel
2010 ALIVE107 Scott Morgan Scott Morgan
2010 ALIVE105 Live! Beg Borrow & Steal The Plimsouls
2010 ALIVE103 The Ladies Man T-Model Ford
2009 ALIVE102 Alive As Fuck Black Diamond Heavies
2009 ALIVE101 Walking Out On Love The Breakaways
2009 ALIVE097 Never Give Up On Your Hallucinations Various
2009 ALIVE093 Brain Cycles Radio Moscow
2009 ALIVE092 Universal Malcontents Outrageous Cherry
2008 ALIVE090 One Way Ticket The Nerves
2008 ALIVE086 Let It Ride Buffalo Killers
2008 ALIVE085 A Touch of Someone Else's Class Black Diamond Heavies
2008 ALIVE081 Bring Yo' Ass to the Table Left Lane Cruiser
2007 ALIVE079 Why Don’t You Give It To Me? Nathaniel Mayer
2007 ALIVE078 Guts of Steel Brimstone Howl
2007 ALIVE077 Radio Moscow Radio Moscow
2007 ALIVE074 Every Damn Time Black Diamond Heavies
2006 ALIVE073 Nothing to You (re-mix) + 3 Two Gallants
2006 ALIVE070 Buffalo Killers Buffalo Killers
2006 ALIVE069 Lonely Road Revival Trainwreck Riders
2006 ALIVE066 Hardest Walk Soledad Brothers
2004 ALIVE054 The Throes Two Gallants
2004 ALIVE053 Free Energy The Red Tyger Church
2004 ALIVE050 The Sound of San Francisco Various
2004 ALIVE048 Kosher Boogie Very Ape
2004 ALIVE047 The Moan The Black Keys
2002 ALIVE044 The Big Come Up The Black Keys
2001 ALIVE043 Collection Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
2000 ALIVE042 The Last Bandit Nikki Sudden
1999 ALIVE039 November’s Heat Certain General
1999 ALIVE038 Old Skars & Upstarts Various
1999 ALIVE036 "Forming" The Germs
1999 ALIVE035 International Rescue Swell Maps
1997 ALIVE032 Cherry Bomb The Runaways/The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs
1997 ALIVE031 Do The Pop The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs w/ Deniz Tek
1996 ALIVE022 Eating Jello with a Heated Fork Deviants IXVI
1996 ALIVE021 Satan Vs. The Working Man RF7
1996 ALIVE017 U.S. Bombs U.S. Bombs
1996 ALIVE016 Persecution Blues The Powder Monkeys
1995 ALIVE015 Feed My Sleaze Murder Junkies
1995 ALIVE014 Ptooff! The Deviants
1995 ALIVE010 Friday the 13th Wayne Kramer & John Sinclair
1994 ALIVE007 Worm Culture Kim Fowley
1994 ALIVE005 Power Trip MC5
1994 ALIVE002 Cheyenne Martin Rev
1993 ALIVE001 Brutality and Bloodshed for All G.G. Allin


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