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Aliza Greenblatt (Yiddish: עליזה גרינבלאַט, September 8, 1888 – 1975) was an American Yiddish poet. Her works include such well-known Yiddish songs as Fisherlid, Amar Abaye, and Du, Du. Her daughter Marjorie was for a time married to folk musician Woody Guthrie. She was the grandmother of folk musician Arlo Guthrie,[1] Woody Guthrie, archivist Nora Guthrie.,[2] and computer programmer Richard Greenblatt.

She was born in Azarenits, in the Podolia Governorate of the Russian Empire (present-day Ukraine), to Brokhe Bas-Tsion Rozovsky (Yiddish: ברכה בת־ציון ראָזאָװסקי) and Abraham Aronson (Yiddish: אַבֿרהם אַהרונזאָן). She came to the United States in 1900.[3] [4] Her husband Isadore Greenblatt was born Isadore Stukelman, a cousin of Shifra Stukelman, whose grandson is Canadian composer Jan Randall.


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