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Coordinates: 37°52′3″N 8°9′38″W / 37.86750°N 8.16056°W / 37.86750; -8.16056

Aljustrel mine was a zinc-lead mine near Aljustrel, Portugal. The mine was put on care and maintenance in November 2008. [1] [2] [3]

Aljustrel mine may also refer to any of the several metal mines around Aljustrel, amongst which the São João copper mine 37°52′59″N 8°10′55″W / 37.883°N 8.182°W / 37.883; -8.182 and some manganese mines.

Metal mining in Aljustrel is documented since the Roman epoch. It may have begun earlier though, at least since the region was under tartessian influence. Archaeological evidence suggests that even earlier metal mining existed, around 2000 BC.[4]


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