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The All-American Rose Garden is a rose garden found near Hardy Street on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. The garden has a semicirular form and contains many various types of hybrid roses in 32 rose beds. It exists since 1973 and was accredited the status 'Public Rose Garden' by the All-American Rose Selection Inc. in 1975.[1] Many biologists and botanists come from all over the world just to study the roses found in the rose garden.[2][3][4][5] Due to the large number of rare roses found in the rose garden, plucking out a rose is against college policy, and getting caught currently results in a fine of $500.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°19′47″N 89°20′02″W / 31.32972°N 89.33389°W / 31.32972; -89.33389