All-Star Squares

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All-Star Squares
Genre Game Show
Format Comedy
Based on Hollywood Squares
Presented by Ian Rogerson
Narrated by Gavin Wood
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) South Melbourne, Victoria
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Seven Network
Picture format 4.3 PAL
Audio format Stereo
Original run Early 1999 – Late 1999
Preceded by Personality Squares

All-Star Squares was an Australian version of the American game show Hollywood Squares that aired on the Seven Network in 1999, hosted by Ian 'Danno' Rogerson. Like the American version, the object of the game was to get three stars in a row, either across, up-and-down or diagonally. The contestant in turn, chose a celebrity, to whom host Rogerson asked a question. After (usually) a joke answer, they gave a response, to which the contestant either agreed or disagreed. If correct in their judgement, they received their mark in that box; if wrong, their opponent got the square (unless it led to three in a row, in which case that player had to earn it him/herself).

prior to this there were two other version that aired from the 60s thru the early to mid 80's. Personality Squares original aired on Network Ten for a brief period in 1967, Hosted by John Bailey eight years later it was revived on the Nine Network hosted by Jimmy Hannan for a brief period from 1975-1976. also Network Ten aired Celebrity Squares with John Bailey, followed by Joe Martin then Bob Moore for two seasons from 1967-1969, the show was revived twelve years later in 1981 with Jimmy Hannan as host.

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