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United Kingdom "All"
Eurovision Song Contest 1957 entry
Country United Kingdom
Artist(s) Patricia Bredin
Language English
Composer(s) Reynell Wreford
Lyricist(s) Alan Stranks
Conductor Eric Robinson
Finals performance
Final result th7
Final points 6
Appearance chronology
"Sing Little Birdie" (1958) ►

"All" was the United Kingdom entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1957 performed in English by Patricia Bredin. At a length of 1:52 minutes, it has the distinction of being the shortest entry in the history of the Contest as well as being the first song to be performed in English.

The song was performed 3rd on the night (following Luxembourg's "Amours mortes (tant de peine)" and preceding Italy's "Corde della mia chitarra", the latter conincidentally being the longest entry in the history of the contest at 5:09 minutes). The song was placed 7th out of 10 songs, and received a total of 6 points.

No studio recording of the song is known to exist.

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Preceded by
Debut entry
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
"Sing, Little Birdie"
by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson