All Aboard (The Lucky Monkeys song)

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"All Aboard"
Single by The Lucky Monkeys
Released 1990
Format 12" Vinyl
Recorded 1990
Genre Electronica
Label Lafayette Records
Producer(s) The Lucky Monkeys
The Lucky Monkeys singles chronology
"N/A" "All Aboard"

"All Aboard" is the first single by the English electronic music band The Lucky Monkeys, an incarnation of Fluke


All Aboard LM-3T
Format: Promotional CD
Label: Lafayette Records
Released: 1990
Tracklisting: 1. All Aboard (We Call Our Monkey Cheetah) (5 minutes 06 seconds) (About this sound sample )
2. All Aboard (We Call Our Cheetah Monkey) (3 minutes 47 seconds)