All Aussie Adventures

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All Aussie Adventures
All Aussie Adventures logo
Format Mockumentary, Satire
Created by Tom Gleisner
Starring Glenn Robbins
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 13 (including 1 Telemovie)
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel Network Ten
Original run 5 August 2001 – 29 September 2002
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Big Coight's All Aussie Adventures Website

All Aussie Adventures (also known as Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures) is an Australian mockumentary television series that parodied the travel-adventure genre. Glenn Robbins plays Russell Coight, a survival and wildlife expert who charts his disastrous travels through Australia, spreading misinformation and causing accidents. The series ran on the Ten Network from 5 August 2001 to 29 September 2002. There was also a 14 November 2004 telemovie, Russell Coight's Celebrity Challenge, which featured minor (fictional) celebrities joining Coight in the outback.


The series parodies the adventure genre, which included the travels of the Leyland Brothers, The Bush Tucker Man, Malcolm Douglas, Steve Irwin, Ben Cropp Harry Butler and Alby Mangels. In these programs the host travels the wilderness meeting local people and providing insight into the flora and fauna of the country.

The narration (typically provided by the host) often verges on hyperbole.


Episodes of All Aussie Adventures generally follow a similar format. Coight greets the audience and explains his latest reason for outback travel - often to help out a "mate". He ends each introduction with the tagline "So what are we waiting for, let's get cracking on another All Aussie Adventure".

Russell Coight[edit]

The series is presented as if Russell Coight were a real person, eschewing screen credit for his portrayer Glenn Robbins. The only mention of Robbins is at the end of the credits, when he is thanked "for his directorial assistance".

Perhaps the kindest description of Russell Coight is "accident-prone" - if something can go wrong for him, it will. Coight is a naturally outgoing man and comfortable in front of the camera, so is never shy in revealing private aspects of his personality (he even showers in front of the camera). Over the series the audience discovers various hints to his character, such as a glimpse of his card for the local Adult Video store.

Russell Coight identifies himself as an 'outback man', who strongly endorses the ways of the outback, as opposed to the ways of urban life. When Russell finds numerous tourists stuck on the outback road, he hastily refers to them as "city slickers" before he tries to help them, albeit unsuccessfully. He also perceives these "city slickers" as being overly affluent, and who waste their money on "high-tech gadgets" and five-star hotels, along with comparing such things to his own outback lifestyle, which includes making his own chair and bathing in a freshwater billabong.

His sister Meredith — who is never seen — is credited for everything from being a crocodile tamer to a stunt coordinator. In one episode, "Daintree", she is heard singing dreamily a somewhat dubious song, "Daintree", from her album "Daintree", on the Daintree label.

Following the success of the first series, comedian and talk show host Rove McManus interviewed Russell Coight, who provided information on his (fictional) background.

"Wallaby Jack", a similar character from The Late Show, is a precursor to Coight. Tom Gleisner, a writer for both series, points this out in The Late Show DVD audio commentary.

Parody aspects[edit]

Common gags[edit]

Much of the humour of "All Aussie Adventures" is contained in the sight gags. Tents collapse, camp fires rage out of control, cars rolling away and Coight trips and falls painfully.

Coight regularly suffers from flatulence, especially when he is sitting in a quiet idyllic pool, whereupon bubbles inevitably rise to the surface. When bending over, he will occasionally pass wind.

Coight is fond of saving indigenous wildlife and preserving historical Australian sites. However due to Coight's clumsiness he often unintentionally destroys the animal or location.

Coight often attempts to make jokes with his friends during the programs. Unfortunately, most of these fall flat. He presents himself as a man with "mates" all around Australia, whom he likes to bring into his shows. These "mates" usually avoid him, or barely know him, but he seems oblivious to any embarrassment this should cause him on air.

In one episode an Aborigine is educating Coight on finding "bush tucker". Coight attempts to tell the joke about being on a "seafood diet...I see food and I eat it", achieving absolutely no reaction. The guest is as clueless as Coight, rejecting all Coight's ideas on "bush tucker", and telling Coight that the outback is full of wild bananas, out of season at the time.

Coight also claims to be one of the greatest birdcallers in the business with over 100 different bird calls in his repertoire (most of which sound identical). According to Coight "once you get your finger in the right position and your tongue doing the same..... the rest is easy".

Stock footage[edit]

Another source of humour is the frequent use of stock footage in incongruous situations. The most well-known example of this is the "handshaking shot".

When Coight meets a new character the program will cut to a closeup shot of their "handshake". As a gag, this is clearly a shot taken at a different time with different people. When Coight shakes hands with an indigenous Australian, the closeup will show two white hands. When he shakes hands with a white Australian, the closeup will show a black and a white hand. This serves to highlight the artificial and constructed nature of this sort of television series banter.

Scenery footage is often re-used in the different episodes. Footage obviously shot in Victoria will be shown when Coight is supposedly far into the Northern Territory.

List Of Episodes[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  1. Red Centre: Part 1 (5 August 2001)
  2. Red Centre: Part 2 (12 August 2001)
  3. Daintree (19 August 2001)
  4. High Country: Part 1 (26 August 2001)
  5. High Country: Part 2 (2 September 2001)
  6. Cooktown (9 September 2001)

Season 2[edit]

  1. Muster (18 August 2002)
  2. Tourists: Part 1 (25 August 2002)
  3. Tourists: Part 2 (1 September 2002)
  4. Explorer: Part 1 (8 September 2002)
  5. Explorer: Part 2 (15 September 2002)
  6. Rare Roo (22 September 2002)
  7. Rogue Croc (29 September 2002)

DVD releases[edit]

Both series 1 and 2 are available as a two-disc DVD set from Roadshow Entertainment. The telemovie is also available on DVD.

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