All Ends in Silence

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All Ends In Silence
Studio album by Dark the Suns
Released 25 March 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Melodic gothic metal
Doom metal
Label Firebox Records
Producer Miko Jussila
Dark the Suns chronology
The Dead End EP
All Ends In Silence

All Ends In Silence is the second full studio album by the Finnish gothic/doom metal group Dark the Suns.

It was recorded by Arttu Sarvanne at Studio Watercastle. The album was mixed by Arttu Sarvanne and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. All music is written by the guitarist/vocalist Mikko and the bass guitarist Inka.

The album is their first full length album with female backing and lead vocals as previously found on the EP The Dead End, developing the formula found on the band's first album, In Darkness Comes Beauty, the lyrics concerning death, loneliness and longing, as well as the titular theme of silence and sleep.

Although the album was recorded with a different drummer, the band's original drummer Markus Lehtinen had rejoined the band by the time of release.

In February 2010, Dark The Suns released their first video for the track "Unbroken Silence" from All Ends in Silence.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Unbroken Silence" - 4:14
  2. "Everlasting" - 4:05
  3. "The Dead End" - 3:47
  4. "All Ends In Silence" - 4:56
  5. "Sleepless Angels" - 4:14
  6. "Cold Dawn" - 3:48
  7. "Rimed With Frost" - 4:45
  8. "The Rain" - 3:56
  9. "Guardians" - 4:31
  10. "Gone" - 6:44

Song information[edit]

  • "The Dead End" was previously found on the EP of the same name, released in 2008. It was recorded at an earlier date than the rest of the album, along with three other tracks that do not appear here.
  • "Rimed With Frost" and "Everlasting" were released as free web singles on the band's website in January and February respectively.
  • Female lead vocals on "The Dead End" and "Guardians" were by bass guitarist Inka, while backing vocals on other tracks were by Eliisa Tuomanen.
  • The album was streamed on Myspace in its entirety for pre-listening shortly before the album's release date.


  • Mikko Ojala - guitar, vocals, lyrics
  • Inka Tuomaala - bass guitar, lyrics, female vocals
  • Juha Kokkonen - guitar
  • Pinja Haikala - synthesisers
  • Eino Kauppila - drums
  • Eliisa Tuomanen - backing vocals