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The All England Open Badminton Championships, or simply All England, is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious badminton tournaments. Played annually, it developed after the success of the world's first badminton tournament held in Guildford in 1898. The tournament was successfully organised on April 4, 1899, however only three categories (Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles) were originally staged. Both Men's and Women's Singles were added the following year. The first three tournaments were named "The Open English Championships". It was eventually considered (especially after the first Thomas Cup series in 1949) the unofficial world championship of the sport until 1977 when the International Badminton Federation launched its official championships. Since 1984 the tournament has been exclusively sponsored by Yonex.

The tournaments were halted twice: during World War I from 1915 to 1919 and World War II from 1940 to 1946.

Historical venues for the Championships[edit]

The tournament has outgrown eight venues, and is now played at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham.[1]

Years active Venue Location
1899–1901 HQ of the London Scottish Rifles Buckingham Gate
1902 Crystal Palace Central Transept Sydenham Hill
1903–1909 London Rifles Brigade's City Headquarters Bunhill Row, Islington
1910–1939 Lindley Hall, Vincent Square Westminster, London
1947–1949 Harringay Arena, North London Stadium North London
1950–1956 Empress Hall Earls Court
1957–1993 Wembley Arena Wembley, London
1994– National Indoor Arena Birmingham

Past winners[edit]

21st century[edit]

Below is the list of the past winners in this 21st century.

Year Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles
2014 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei China Wang Shixian Indonesia Mohammad Ahsan
Indonesia Hendra Setiawan
China Wang Xiaoli
China Yu Yang
Indonesia Tontowi Ahmad
Indonesia Lilyana Natsir
2013 China Chen Long Denmark Tine Baun China Liu Xiaolong
China Qiu Zihan
2012 China Lin Dan China Li Xuerui South Korea Jung Jae-sung
South Korea Lee Yong-dae
China Tian Qing
China Zhao Yunlei
2011 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei China Wang Shixian Denmark Mathias Boe
Denmark Carsten Mogensen
China Wang Xiaoli
China Yu Yang
China Xu Chen
China Ma Jin
2010 Denmark Tine Rasmussen Denmark Jonas Rasmussen
Denmark Lars Paaske
China Du Jing
China Yu Yang
China Zhang Nan
China Zhao Yunlei
2009 China Lin Dan China Wang Yihan China Cai Yun
China Fu Haifeng
China Zhang Yawen
China Zhao Tingting
China He Hanbin
China Yu Yang
2008 China Chen Jin Denmark Tine Rasmussen South Korea Jung Jae-sung
South Korea Lee Yong-dae
South Korea Lee Hyo-jung
South Korea Lee Kyung-won
China Zheng Bo
China Gao Ling
2007 China Lin Dan China Xie Xingfang Malaysia Koo Kien Keat
Malaysia Tan Boon Heong
China Wei Yili
China Zhang Yawen
2006 Denmark Jens Eriksen
Denmark Martin Lundgaard Hansen
China Gao Ling
China Huang Sui
China Zhang Jun
China Gao Ling
2005 China Chen Hong China Cai Yun
China Fu Haifeng
England Nathan Robertson
England Gail Emms
2004 China Lin Dan China Gong Ruina Denmark Jens Eriksen
Denmark Martin Lundgaard Hansen
South Korea Kim Dong-moon
South Korea Ra Kyung-min
2003 Malaysia Muhammad Hafiz Hashim China Zhou Mi Indonesia Sigit Budiarto
Indonesia Candra Wijaya
China Zhang Jun
China Gao Ling
2002 China Chen Hong Denmark Camilla Martin South Korea Ha Tae-kwon
South Korea Kim Dong-moon
South Korea Kim Dong-moon
South Korea Ra Kyung-min
2001 India Pullela Gopichand China Gong Zhichao Indonesia Tony Gunawan
Indonesia Halim Heryanto
China Zhang Jun
China Gao Ling

Full list[edit]

Successful players[edit]

Below is the list of the most successful players in the All England Open Badminton Championships:

Name MS WS MD WD XD Total
England George Alan Thomas 4 9 8 21
Republic of Ireland Frank Devlin 6 7 5 18
United States Judy Devlin[1] 10 7 17
England Muriel Lucas 6 10 1 17
Denmark Finn Kobberø 7 8 15
England Betty Uber 1 4 8 13
Denmark Tonny Ahm[2] 2 6 4 12
England Ethel B. Thomson[3] 5 4 2 11
Denmark Erland Kops 7 4 11
England Gillian Gilks[4] 2 3 6 11
Denmark Kirsten Thorndahl 1 5 5 11
China Gao Ling 6 5 11
Denmark Ulla Strand[5] 3 7 10
England Ralph C. F. Nichols 5 3 1 9
South Korea Park Joo-bong 4 5 9
South Korea Chung Myung-hee 4 5 9
England Marjorie Barrett 5 4 9
England Kitty McKane[6] 4 2 2 8
Republic of Ireland Gordon 'Curly' Mack 1 6 1 8
Indonesia Rudy Hartono 8 8
England Nora Perry[7] 2 6 8
Malaysia Eddy B. Choong 4 3 7

Many female badminton players change their surname after marriage. Below are some of the former names or latest names as noted in the table above:
^1 Judy Devlin later known as Judy Hashman
^2 Tonny Ahm formerly known as Tonny Olsen
^3 Ethel B. Thomson formerly known as Larcombe
^4 Gillian Gilks formerly known as Gillian Perrin and the latest was changed to Gillian Goodwin
^5 Ulla Strand formerly known as Ulla Rasmussen
^6 Kitty McKane later known as Godfree
^7 Nora Perry formerly known as Nora Gardner


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