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All Media Network
Trading name All Media Network, LLC
Type Private
Industry Entertainment
Predecessors All Media Guide, AllRovi
Founders Michael Erlewine
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Products AllMusic, AllMovie, AllGame, SideReel, Celebified
Employees 11-50
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All Media Network (formerly All Media Guide or AMG, and later, AllRovi), is an American company that owns and maintains AllMusic, AllGame, AllMovie, SideReel, and Celebified. AMG was founded in 1990 by popular-culture archivist Michael Erlewine which started with the All Music Guide (now AllMusic) in 1991, and expanded to offer the All Movie Guide (now AllMovie) in 1994 and the All Game Guide (now AllGame) in 1998.[3] In late 2007, Macrovision (now Rovi Corporation) acquired the Guides for a reported $72 million.[4] Rovi in turn, sold the consumer access to them to newly established All Media Network, LLC in 2013, while retaining ownership and maintenance of the content itself.[5][6]


The company was founded in Big Rapids, Michigan in 1990, and aimed to "[compile] discographic information on every artist who's made a record since Enrico Caruso gave the industry its first big boost" with the All Music Guide (now AllMusic), which launched in 1991.[7] They expanded with the All Movie Guide (now AllMovie) in 1994 and the All Game Guide (now AllGame) in 1998. AMG moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1999 to take advantage of the "rich talent pool".[3] AMG was a business unit within Alliance Entertainment Corporation from 1996 until early 2005. Alliance was acquired in 1999 by Yucaipa Companies, a multi-billion dollar fund based in California. Macrovision (now Rovi) announced on November 6, 2007 that it had agreed to purchase All Media Guide.[8] For a time, all of the guides were controlled by Rovi's nameservers and combined access to the All Music and All Movie Guides was provided via from 2011 until 2013. In 2013, Rovi sold consumer access of the content to the newly established All Media Network, LLC, but retained control of licensing the content to other businesses. The encompassing website that was once and then is now

Business model[edit]

All Media Network licenses large databases of metadata about movies, video games, audio books, and music releases from Rovi Corporation and publishes them online for consumer use. This includes credits, and staff-written biographies, reviews, ratings, and recommendations as well as categories such as theme or mood.[6] Rovi also makes this content available for point of sale systems in stores globally, for CD and DVD recognition in software media players such as Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox, and for providing content for a variety of websites including iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify.[9][10]

Formerly, AMG sold print compilations of its information.[7]



Wordmark of AllMusic (2013).png
Main article: AllMusic

AllMusic[11] is an online database which provides access to information about songs, albums, musicians, bands, and musical styles alongside staff-authored news, reviews, biographies, ratings and recommendations. The content was initially published in book form in 1991 as the All Music Guide, and is now freely available to the public for online reference and information as well as available via licensing for point-of-sale systems, media players, and online music stores.[3]


Allmovie Logo.png
Main article: AllMovie

AllMovie,[12] launched in 1994 as the All Movie Guide, provides access to information about actors, films, and filmmakers with staff-authored news, reviews, ratings, and recommendations. It offers limited information about Television productions, focused mainly on those released on DVD. Like AllMusic, this content is also available via licensing to point-of-sale systems, media players, and online stores.[3][13]


Main article: AllGame

AllGame[14] was launched in 1998 as the All Game Guide and offers information and reviews about many console, hand held, arcade, and PC games released in the US.[2][3]


Main article: SideReel

SideReel,[15] launched in 2007, is a TV community site which provides information about TV shows and episodes.[2]


Celebified offers celebrity news and interviews and started in 2012.[2]


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