All New People

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All New People
Written by Zach Braff
Date premiered July 25, 2011
Place premiered Second Stage Theatre
Original language English
Genre Comedy
Setting Long Beach Island, New Jersey

All New People is a 2011 play by Zach Braff set on Long Beach Island and centers on Charlie, a 35-year-old from Braff's home state of New Jersey.

The play Premiered at Second Stage Theatre and subsequently moved to tour the UK, playing in Manchester, Glasgow and finally in London, in early 2012.


The play is set in an up-market beach house, and begins with Charlie's interrupted suicide bid. Emma, an expat Briton, comes in and saves him. She is there to show the property to prospective tenants. Emma infers that her fortuitous arrival was divine intervention, and sets about trying to rescue Charlie. She calls in Myron, a Long Island fire-fighter (and drug dealer) to help. Finally, Kim, an escort girl provided by one of Charlie's friends, arrives.

Charlie announces that he has killed six people, as an explanation for why he was trying to kill himself. As the play progresses, the reasons of how each of the other people came to be there are revealed. In the initial run, this was achieved with a series of projected filmed interludes. Charlie finally reveals how his trauma came about through seeing a pair of ants fighting over a crumb.[1][2]


First run[edit]

The initial run was performed at the Second Stage Theatre and directed by Peter DuBois.


Justin Bartha Charlie
Krysten Ritter Emma
David Wilson Barnes Myron
Anna Camp Kim

UK run (2012)[edit]

The first stage of the UK tour was in Manchester at the Manchester Opera House between 8–11 February. The play was then taken to Glasgow playing at the King's Theatre between 14–18 February, before finally playing in London for 10 weeks at the Duke of York's Theatre from 22 February.[3]


Zach Braff Charlie
Eve Myles Emma
Paul Hilton Myron
Susannah Fielding Kim


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