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All Saints Church, also known as the Anglican Church, is an Anglican church located in Kebon Sirih Administrative Village, Menteng, Jakarta. It is the only Anglican Communion in Indonesia. The church is located in Jalan Menteng Raya, close to the Farmer's Statue. It is among the oldest church in Indonesia. The churchyard of All Saints Church contains graves of English soldiers who fell during World War I and World War II, e.g. Lieutenant Colonel William Campbell (died in 1811).[1] Coordinates: 6°10′59″S 106°50′06″E / 6.183009°S 106.83511°E / -6.183009; 106.83511


A land in Batavia was purchased by the London Missionary Society in 1819 to establish a collecting station which would act as a first point for chaplains to disembark to Asian countries such as China or Japan. This is the first English-speaking institution in Indonesia. On January 7, 1822, the Reverend Walter Henry Medhurst was sent by London Missionary Society to work among the Chinese. In the same year he built a bamboo church over the land.[2] The bamboo church lasted until 1828 when the church was renovated into its present form. The first form of the building was finished in 1829 in Georgian Style, without the extensions (the chancel, the sanctuary and the porch). At that time it was called Anglican Church, Dutch Engelse Kerk or Indonesian Gereja Inggris.[3]

Subsequent chaplains were the Church of England, and so the original Missionary layout was changed and a sanctuary was added in 1851. A small organ was installed in 1857. This is replaced with a larger organ which is placed in a newly built special room in 1863. In 1924, these two were combined to form the chancel and sanctuary, the layout that is known today. In 1883, the British Protestant Community was formed which took over the church property. As a result, the name of the church was changed into Church of the British Protestant Community (BPC). Electricity was installed in 1909.[2]

The British Protestant Community continued to own the property until April 1965 when the Australian Ambassador, Mick Shann, transferred the property to the Indonesian Council of Churches as a free gift. Since then the Church was known as All Saints Church. All Saints Church is now serving international community of 30 different nationalities.[3]

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