All That Remains (novel)

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All That Remains
Patricia Cornwell - All That Remains.jpg
First edition
Author Patricia Cornwell
Country United States of America
Language English
Series Kay Scarpetta
Genre Crime fiction
Publisher Scribner
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover, paperback)
Pages 416
ISBN ISBN 978-0-7434-9153-2
OCLC 57708195
Preceded by Body of Evidence
Followed by Cruel and Unusual

All That Remains is a crime fiction novel by Patricia Cornwell. It is the third book of the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series.

Plot summary[edit]

A serial killer is loose in Richmond, specializing in attractive young couples whose bodies are inevitably found in the woods months later—minus their shoes and socks. After months of exposure to all the elements, all that remains of the killer's victims has in every case left Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta unable even to determine an exact cause of death. Frustrated that her high-tech forensic skills have apparently proved useless, Kay enlists the help of an ace crime reporter and a psychic whose powers have been vouched for by the FBI.

Racing against time, Kay finds she must draw upon her own personal resources to track down a murderer skilled at eliminating every clue. All that remains to her now is her courage, intuition, and the will to stop a killer before he can strike again.


  • Kay Scarpetta - Chief Medical Examiner.
  • Benton Wesley - FBI Profiler.
  • Pete Marino - Detective Lieutenant in the Richmond Police Department.
  • Abby Turnbull - Washington Post reporter.
  • Mark James - FBI Special Agent, Dr. Scarpetta's ex-lover from law school
  • Pat Harvey - National Drug Policy Director, mother of one of the victims.
  • Steven Spurrier - Murderer of the named victims.


  • Dogs Dammit
  • Jill Harrington and Elizabeth Mott
  • Bruce Philips and Judy Roberts
  • 'Jim Freeman and Bonnie Smyth
  • 'Ben Anderson and Carolyn Bennett
  • 'Susan Wilcox and Mike Martin
  • 'Deborah Harvey and Frederick Cheney


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