All Your Life (album)

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All Your Life
Studio album by Resurrection Band
Released 1974
Recorded Gary Rotta's basement, Chicago, Illinois, 1973
Genre Christian rock
Label Independent
Producer Resurrection Band
Resurrection Band chronology
Music to Raise the Dead
All Your Life
Awaiting Your Reply

All Your Life is an independent cassette from American Christian rock group Resurrection Band, released in late 1974.[1] It features a collection of acoustic songs that the band would play for audiencesunreceptive to its otherwise hard rock and heavy metal style.

Recording history[edit]

Recorded alongside and released shortly after Music to Raise the Dead, All Your Life is an acoustic collection of folk-influenced music that Resurrection Band would play in more conservative venues, like nursing homes and churches, whose audiences would otherwise be unreceptive to the heavy metal that Resurrection Band otherwise played.

The cassette has never been re-released.

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. - "In the Beginning"
  2. - "Psalm 61"
  3. - "Because I Know Him"
  4. - "Trust In Jesus"
  5. - "Jesus Walked Upon the Water"

Side B[edit]

  1. - "Connections"
  2. - "Deep Inside My Heart"
  3. - "Blue Waters"
  4. - "All Your Life"




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