Allah Nazar Baloch

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Allah Nazar Baloch
9th Commander Chief Of Balochistan Liberation Front
Assumed office
9 November 2009
Lieutenant Doda Khan Baloch
Preceded by Unknown
Personal details
Born (1968-10-02) 2 October 1968 (age 45)
Awaran, Balochistan
Political party Baloch Students Organization
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relations Nabi Bakhsh Baloch
Children Two sons; Nodaan and Thamochan
Profession Teacher, politician, Guerrilla Commander
Religion Muslim
Military service
Service/branch Balochistan Liberation Front

Allah Nazar Baloch is a Baloch militant[1] and former chairman of the Baloch Students Organization.[2]

Early life[edit]

Allah Nazar Baloch was born in a poor family in Mashkay, Balochistan on 2 October 1968 to Nabi Baksh Baloch. He is known to be a brilliant student. After completing his matriculation in Mashkay, he later went for continuing his education at Atta Shad Degree College in Turbat. Later, when he graduated from there he successfully received admission at Bolan Medical College in Quetta, Balochistan. He passed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and became a doctor with excellent scores and was awarded Gold Medal for his outstanding grades. The experience which led him to become a Baloch nationalist was that when he was peacefully protesting against the Pakistan government for expelling and abducting a peon (a person who does menial work), officials of Pakistan armed forces extrajudicially abducted Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, locked him up in a torture cell where he wasn't given any food to eat for days, they tortured him mentally and physically, later, he was dumped in a desert but fortunately survived through all those atrocities.,[3] He later became the head commander of Baloch Liberation Front which is committed to fight against Pakistan and Iran for the independence of Balochistan, this militant group was founded by Jumma Khan Marri in Damascus, Syria and played an important role in the 1968-1980 insurgency in Balochistan and Sistan. Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch is highly educated so he has influenced many Baloch youths mainly the ones in Colleges and universities. He leads a nationalist association Baloch Student Organization which Baloch Students join and the association is active in encouraging youths to protest against atrocities happening with Balochs. Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch's main motive is to fight for Independence of Balochistan from Pakistan. His guerrilla army Baloch Liberation front is following the International Laws.

Baloch Students Organization[edit]

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch joined Baloch Student Organization (BSO) in 1989 while he was studying at Atta Shad Degree college in Turbat, Balochistan. After the failure of 1973 insurgency it was hard for the Balochs to talk or dream about "Independence" but Allah Nazar Baloch kept encouraging the members of Baloch Student Organization to maintain nationalist views and motto of the organization. However, the chairman, President and some other members did not want that and this led the division of BSO in 2002. Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch formed BSO Azad (Free) and the members who supported him joined his organization. He and his party members have been abducted and imprisoned by the Pakistan army and secret agencies numerous times.

Join the Militant Organisation[edit]

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch was the chairman of Baloch Student Organization but then he joined the guerrilla army Baloch Liberation Front and became the 9th commander. He has many supporters in his hometown Mashkay.


"My people have a strong memory. They never forget what you do to them, good or bad." "Dictators have always been the guardians of the interests of superpowers." ( Dr. Allah Nizar )

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