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Allahabad Junction
Indian Railway Junction Station
Allahabad Railway Station.jpg
Allahabad Junction at dawn
Location Leader Road, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 25°26′46″N 81°49′44″E / 25.4460°N 81.8289°E / 25.4460; 81.8289Coordinates: 25°26′46″N 81°49′44″E / 25.4460°N 81.8289°E / 25.4460; 81.8289
Elevation 316.804 metres (1,039.38 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by North Central Railway zone
Line(s) Howrah-Delhi main line
Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line
Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line
Allahabad-Jabalpur section
Mughalsarai-Kanpur section
Allahabad-Varanasi line
Allahabad-Faizabad line
Allahabad - Mau- Gorakhpur section
Platforms 10+
Tracks 15
Structure type Standard on ground
Parking Yes
Bicycle facilities Yes
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code ALD
Division(s) Allahabad
Opened 1859
Electrified 1965-66
Previous names East Indian Railway Company
Allahabad railway station is located in Uttar Pradesh
Allahabad railway station
Allahabad railway station
Location in Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad Junction is a railway station on the Howrah-Delhi main line and Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line. It is located in Allahabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It serves Allahabad and the surrounding areas. Many important trains pass through this station. All trains from the east going to southward pass through this station.

Allahabad Junction
Allahabad Junction
Allahabad Junction building
Allahabad Railway Station - Welcome


The East Indian Railway Company initiated efforts to develop a railway line from Howrah to Delhi in the mid nineteenth century. Even when the line to Mughalsarai was being constructed and only the lines near Howrah were put in operation, the first train ran from Allahabad to Kanpur in 1859. For the first through train from Howrah to Delhi in 1864, coaches were ferried on boats across the Yamuna at Allahabad. With the completion of the Old Naini Bridge across the Yamuna through trains started running in 1865-66.[1][2][3]

The opening of the Curzon Bridge, across the Ganges, in 1902, linked Allahabad to regions north of or beyond the Ganges.[4]

The Varanasi-Allahabad City (Rambagh) line was constructed as a metre gauge line by the Bengal and North Western Railway between 1899 and 1913. It was converted to broad gauge in 1993-94.[5][6]


Some of the major trains originating from the station.[7]

Originating trains
Number From To Train name
12275 Allahabad New Delhi Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Express
12294 Allahabad Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Allahabad Duronto Express
12417 Allahabad New Delhi Prayagraj Express
12403 Allahabad Jaipur Allahabad Jaipur Express
14115 Allahabad Haridwar Junction Allahabad Haridwar Express
14163 Allahabad Haridwar Junction Sangam Express
14511 Allahabad Meerut Nauchandi Express
11070 Allahabad Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Tulsi Express
14217 Allahabad Chandigarh Unchahar Express
12334 Allahabad Howrah Vibhuti Express
22441 Allahabad Kanpur Central Kanpur Allahabad Intercity
14215 Allahabad Lucknow Ganga Gomti Express
19418 Allahabad Ahemdabad Allahabad Ahemdabad Express

Passing trains[edit]

Train Number From To Train Name
12309 Patna New Delhi Rajdhani Express
12301 Howrah New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Express
12305 Howrah New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Express
12423 Dibrugarh New Delhi Rajdhani Express
12559 Varanasi New Delhi Shiv Ganga Express
12801 Puri New Delhi Purushottam Express
12947 Ahmedabad Patna Azimabad Superfast Express
12561 Darbhanga New Delhi Swatantra Sainani Superfast Express
12381 Howrah New Delhi Poorva Express
12321 Howrah Mumbai CST Kolkata Mail
12165 Varanasi LTT Ratnagiri Express
11055 Gorakhpur LTT Godaan Express
11037 Gorakhpur Pune GKP - PUNE Express
12577 Darbhanga Mysore Bhagmati Express
12295 Patna Bangalore City Sanghamithra Express
12791 Patna Secundarabad Manikarnika Express
12669 Chhapra Chennai Central Ganga Kaveri Express
18201 Durg Nautanwa Durg Express
12311 Howrah Kalka Kalka Mail
15003 Kanpur Anwarganj Gorakhpur Chauri Chaura Express
19045 Chhapra Surat Tapti Ganga Express
12307 Howrah Jodhpur Howrah Jodhpur Express
12987 Sealdah Ajmer Ajmer Sealdah Superfast Express
12177 Howrah Mathura Chambal Express
15631 Bikaner Guwahati Guwahati Express
12505 Guwahati Anand Vihar Terminal Guwahati Anand Vihar Terminal North East Express
11107 Gwalior Varanasi Bundelkhand Express
12175 Howrah Gwalior Chambal Express
14505 Dibrugarh Delhi Brahmaputra Mail


The Cheoki-Subedarganj section was electrified in 1965–66.[8]


There are engineering workshops of Indian Railways at Allahabad. [9]

Passenger movement[edit]

Allahabad is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railway.[10] The station has two entry sides i.e. City Side to the South and Civil Lines Side to the North. [11]

Kumbh Mela[edit]

The railways make special arrangements for the huge influx of pilgrims for the Kumbh Mela at Allahabad.[12][13]


Allahabad railway station has 3 double-bedded AC retiring rooms, 9 double-bedded non-AC retiring rooms and a 20-bedded dormitory.[14]


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