Allal al Fassi Dam

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Allal al Fassi Dam
Allal al Fassi Dam is located in Morocco
Allal al Fassi Dam
Location of Allal al Fassi Dam
Official name Barrage Allal al Fassi
Country Morocco
Location Sefrou
Coordinates 33°55′53″N 04°40′38″W / 33.93139°N 4.67722°W / 33.93139; -4.67722Coordinates: 33°55′53″N 04°40′38″W / 33.93139°N 4.67722°W / 33.93139; -4.67722
Status Operational
Opening date 1991
Owner(s) Office National de L'Electricite (ONE)
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment
Impounds Sebou River
Height 61 m (200 ft)
Length 340 m (1,120 ft)
Dam volume 1,300,000 m3 (46,000,000 cu ft)
Total capacity 81.5×10^6 m3 (66,100 acre·ft)
Catchment area 5,400 km2 (2,100 sq mi)
Power station
Name Allal al Fassi Power Plant
Coordinates 34°05′43″N 04°37′13″W / 34.09528°N 4.62028°W / 34.09528; -4.62028
Commission date 1994
Turbines 3 x 80 MW (110,000 hp) Francis-type
Installed capacity 240 MW (320,000 hp)[1]
Annual generation 220 GWh (790 TJ)

The Allal al Fassi Dam is an embankment dam located 18 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of Sefrou on the Sebou River in the Fès-Boulemane region of Morocco. Completed in 1991, it provides water for irrigation and hydroelectric power production. The dam was named after the famous Moroccan Allal al-Fassi.[2]

Power station[edit]

The dam's hydroelectric power station is located 18 kilometres (11 mi) to the north on the southern bank of the Idriss I Dam's reservoir. Water reaches the power plant after being diverted by the Allal al Fassi Dam via an intake on the right bank of the reservoir. It flows through a 15.45 kilometres (9.60 mi) long tunnel before reaching a compensating basin. From the basin, water is sent through pipelines and finally penstocks to 3 x 80 megawatts (110,000 hp) Francis turbine-generators. Once used for power generation, the water is discharged into the Idriss I Reservoir. About 300 million cubic metres (240,000 acre·ft) of water is transferred through the power station annually. The power station was commissioned in 1994 and generates 220 gigawatt-hours (790 TJ) on average annually.[2]


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