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Allan Hyde
Born (1989-12-20) December 20, 1989 (age 25)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation Actor, singer, writer, director, editor
Years active 2002–present

Allan Hyde (Born December 20, 1989) is a Danish-American actor.[1] He is best known for his role as the 2000 year old vampire Godric on HBO's True Blood. He has performed in multiple Danish films and television series.

Early life[edit]

Hyde was born and raised in Denmark to a Danish mother and English father from London. He started acting as a "fairytale-child" student in the Danish theater school, Eventyrteatret. Hyde starred in bigger theater productions, starting in 2002 with the musical,"Les Misérables". Hyde recently starred in the Danish theater version of Grease as 'Kenickie' in 2014.[citation needed]


Hyde began his acting career in Danish television in 2008 that started with roles in "2900 Happiness"and "Album". In the same year he did the short films, "Implosion" and "En Forelskelse (The Awakening)". "The Awakening" just missed being nominated for "Best Short Drama/Foreign" for 'The Oscars' in 2009.

In 2009, Hyde's big break came when he was cast in the critically acclaimed HBO series True Blood as Godric, a very powerful vampire. Godric was over 2000 years old, the vampire sheriff of Area 9 and maker of Eric Northman and Authority Chancellor Nora Gainesborough which isn't revealed until Season 5. Although at one time a very brutal vampire, Godric appears in the series as a supporter of human and vampire interaction and hopes that one day there will be peace between them. His character appears in four episodes in the second season. The character proved to be popular with viewers and with creator Alan Ball that Hyde returned as Godric for Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 appearing in flashbacks and as visions to Eric and his sister Nora Gainesborough.

Hyde is also a singer. He sang on one track of the Danish version of the soundtrack Camp Rock. Hyde also sings the love song in the film "Far Til Fire" (Du Ved Det Godt). Hyde will also provide a new song for the new "Far Til Fire" film that comes out the Autumn of 2015. He provided the voice dubbing for Ron Weasley in all the Danish releases of the Harry Potter films. He is the voice of many cartoon characters on Danish TV and voices many characters in American Films in Danish.

Hyde currently lives in Denmark after his character, Godric, was killed off True Blood in 2012. He still visits Los Angeles, CA to visit friends there.


Hyde started a production company in 2008 called Gourmet Film with his good friend Aske Bang. Under Gourmet Film, the web comedy series Alla Salute! premiered April 11, 2011, and with English subtitles on April 13, 2011. At Gourmet Film, they are dedicated to unite Gourmet and Films by creating small and sophisticated films while drinking fine wines and eating extravagant meals, as explained by Hyde. To date, they have made several films and New Years videos on the GourmetFilm YouTube channel.



  • 2900 Happiness (2008) ... Max
  • Album (2008) ... Martin
  • True Blood (2009–2012) ... Godric
  • Lærkevej (4 episodes, 2010) ... Jonas
  • Den som dræber (2011) ... Andreas
  • Kødkataloget (2013-) ... Jonas
  • Limbo (2013) ...Vikar
  • Heartless (2013-) ... Pieter
  • Dicte II (2014) ... Simon
  • Hedensted High (2015)
  • Juleønsket (2015) ... Zacharias
  • Silas (2015) ... Anton


  • Implosion (2008) ... Thomas
  • En Forelskelse (Awakening) (2008) Written and directed by Christian Tafdrup ... Carsten
  • Sidste Kys (Last Kiss) [Short Film] (2009) ... Søren Grinderslev Hansen
  • Franky,Frankly (2010) ... Madison
  • Exteriors (2010) ... Allan
  • You & Me Forever (2012) ... Tobias
  • Miraklet (The Miracle) (2012) ... Young Jakob
  • Marionette (2012) ... Policeman
  • Mommy (2013) ... Lucas
  • Far Til Fire - Onkel Sofus Vender Tilbage (2014) ... Peter
  • Kolbøttefabrikken (2014) ... Frank
  • Danny's Dommedag (2014) ... Fisker
  • Mig Og Kærligheden (2014)... Kevin
  • Hundeliv (2015) ... William
  • Dryads (2015) ... Thomas
  • Skammerens Datter (Shamer's Daughter) (2015) ... Davin
  • Far Til Fire - Vilde Ferie (2015) ... Peter
  • Sommeren '92 (2015) ... Flemming Povlsen
  • TYRON (2015)


  • Cykeltaxa (Ricksaw)' (2008) ... Thomas; Director/Writer
  • Dværgen og Luderen (2008)
  • The Friendly (2010)
  • ALLA SALUTE (2010) ... Patrik
  • Stupid Clown (2011)
  • Trail Of Broken Hearts (2012) ... Kevin
  • Fly on the Wings of Love (2013)


  • Les Misérables (2002) ... Gavroche
  • Sound Of Music (2004) ... Friedrich
  • Ugly Duckling (2005) ... Lead Role- Ugly Duckling
  • Peters Christmas (2005–2006) ... Rasmus
  • Uncle Danny (2006) ... Dan
  • Grease (2014) ... Kenickie


  • 'The Danish version of "Camp Rock" (2008)
  • All Harry Potter movies - Danish voice of Ron Weasley
  • Danish version of "Ginga Densetsu Weed" (2008) ... Weed


  • 'B' (2014)
  • 'Jeanne d'Arc' (2015)


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