Allegheny County Airport Authority

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Allegheny County Airport Authority
Agency overview
Formed 1999
Preceding Agency Allegheny County Aviation Department
Type municipal authority
Jurisdiction Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Headquarters Landside Terminal
4th Floor Mezzanine
P.O. Box 12370
Pittsburgh 15231
Agency executive David Minnotte, Board Chairman

Allegheny County Airport Authority is a Municipal Authority in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania that oversees and maintains the Allegheny County airport system. These include management of Pittsburgh International Airport as well as Allegheny County Airport. The Authority is also a key lobbying and public interest agency often representing the local aviation industry and related industry interests in Harrisburg (the state capital) and on the federal level.

The authority holds over $500 million in debt from construction of the Pittsburgh International Airport.[1]


  • James R. Gill March 14, 2014 (interim)[2]
  • Bradley Penrod Oct. 2007-February 5, 2013[3] (interim status until March 14, 2014)
  • Kent George Dec. 14 1998[4]-Oct. 2007[5] (also served as President of American Association of Airport Executives[6]
  • Gary Bishop Jan. 1996-Dec. 31 1997[7]
  • Peter Florian Jan. 20 1996-[8]
  • Herbert Higginbotham Dec. 1993 - Jan. 19 1996
  • Guy Tumolo June 1993-Nov. 30 1993.[9]
  • Scott O'Donnell December 1989 Aug 8 1991- May 1992
  • Stephen A. George pre 1988
  • David Donohoe circa 1981-82[10]
  • Martin J. Griffin, 1968[11]-1971 [12]

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