Allen Red Devils

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Allen Red Devils
University Allen Community College
Association NJCAA
Conference Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference
Athletic director Jessica Peters
Location Iola, KS
Varsity teams 14
Nickname Red Devils
Fight song "Red Devil Fight Song"
     Black       Scarlet

The Allen Red Devils are the sports teams of Allen Community College located in Iola, Kansas. They participate in the National Junior College Athletic Association and in the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference.[1]


Fight song[edit]

Red Devil Fight Song is the official fight song for Allen Community College. The lyrics are listed below.[2]


We are the Allen County Red Devils;
We are the scarlet and the black.
We are the best and so you better beware,
'Cause we're gonna go on the attack!

We are the Allen County Red Devils;
To count us out would be a sin.
We have a fire that burns within our brave hearts;
We're not gonna stop until we win!

Go Red Devils!
Fight Red Devils!

Lyrics by Tom Campbell.[2]

Alma Mater[edit]

The lyrics to the Alma Mater are listed below.[2]

Our dear old College in all its glory
With spirit and pride so true,
Tells us of an age old story
Of helping students through.

In these halls are the doors to knowledge
And confidence in our minds
That we can have the best junior college
From now 'till the end of time.

May red and black forever reign,
Our colors in heart and mind
And may we echo in loyal strains
The spirit of ties that bind.

So raise your voices high in praise
And sing out loud and clear,
For when we go our sep'rate ways
We'll recall these happy years.

Lyrics by Steven Dye, Patty Abts, and Gerald Chester.


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