Allene Ray

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Allene Ray
Allene Ray Famous Film Folk.jpg
Allene Ray from Famous Film Folk: A Gallery of Life Portraits and Biographies, 1925
Born January 2, 1901
San Antonio, Texas
Died May 5, 1979(1979-05-05) (aged 78)
Temple City, California

Allene Ray (January 2, 1901 - May 5, 1979) was a motion pictures actress from San Antonio, Texas, USA. She moved to Hollywood after winning a motion picture contest in 1920. In 1919, a producer visiting San Antonio met Ray and insisted she take a part in a film he was making. After this success her friends prevailed upon her to enter a contest held by one of the eastern USA magazine companies. Ray was the winner from a field of candidates selected from throughout the United States.

Among her first screen credits are Honeymoon Ranch (1920), West of the Rio Grande (1921) and Partners of the Sunset (1922). The latter she made for the Lubin Corporation. In making The Fortieth Door (1924), Ray decided to wear a brunette wig as the film featured an Egyptian heroine. The serial was made by Pathe Pictures.

Her film career continued into the era of sound motion pictures with appearances in such films as The Indians Are Coming (1930), Westward Bound (1930) and The Phantom (1931). Ray played the role of a stowaway in Gun Cargo (1949).

She died from cancer in 1979, aged 78, in Temple City, California.


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