Alles Tot

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Alles Tot
EP by Bethlehem
Released June 3, 2004
Genre Black metal, doom metal
Length 9:56
Label Amortout
Producer Bethlehem
Bethlehem chronology
Suicide Radio
Alles Tot
Mein Weg

Alles Tot is a two-song EP released by Bethlehem in 2004. The 7" EP is limited to 500 copies, all in gatefold sleeve and white vinyl. There is also a special edition limited to 47 (hand-numbered) copies. It comes with a limited T-shirt, razorblade and packed in special wire. Both songs were recorded in 1996. They were previously available in a Red Stream compilation from 1999 called To Live Is Ever to Be in Danger. "Wo Adlers wagen" is a cover of Iron Maiden's song "Where Eagles Dare" and can also be heard in the background of the last track from the EP Reflektionen auf's Sterben. "Schuld unseres Knöchrigen Faltpferds" is one of the songs featured in the Gummo soundtrack.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Bethlehem

No. Title Length
1. "Schuld unseres Knöchrigen Faltpferds"   4:34
2. "Wo Adlers wagen" (Iron Maiden cover) 5:22
Total length: