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Alliance Girls' High School is a national girls' boarding school located near the small town of Kikuyu in the Kiambu District of the Central Province of Kenya, 20 km from Nairobi. It is within walking distance from its brother school Alliance High School.

Alliance Girls' High School
Coordinates 1°15′59″S 36°39′46″E / 1.2663°S 36.6627°E / -1.2663; 36.6627Coordinates: 1°15′59″S 36°39′46″E / 1.2663°S 36.6627°E / -1.2663; 36.6627
Type Public National School
Motto ”Walk in the light”
Established 1948 as African Girls' High School
Principal Mrs.Kamwilu Dorothy M.
Color(s) Green


Founded in 1948 by the Alliance of Protestant Missions, Alliance Girls' High School was the first institution of higher education for African girls in Kenya, and served in parallel lieu to Kenya High School that then only admitted European girls. Before independence it was called African Girls High School. Alliance Girls High School sits on 71 acres of land in Kiambu West district, Central Province.

The first 10 girls admitted to the school arrived on 28 February 1948. These girls were drawn from the all the different provinces in Kenya. This national outlook has been retained to-date. It has since been a pioneer of African education and is held as a vanguard academic elite and maintains close relations with its brother school, Alliance High School


Admission is highly competitive. Only students who have impeccably done well at the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education are selected to attend. The school partakes of the national quota system that sees a balance in admission of students from all Kenyan Districts.

Academic Reputation

Alliance Girls' High School prides in its academic prowess. It maintains a top 10 position in the KCSE yearly. In 2011, the school emerged the 2nd National school, only after the Alliance High School, and 5th nationally.

All students go on to top Kenyan Universities as well as reputed international universities. The school supports applications to colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa among others. Similarly, a couple of it' students are annually selected to the African Leadership Academy; a highly selective leadership program through the entire continent.

AGHS crest[edit]

The crest is composed of a yellow flaming torch superimposed over St. Andrew's Cross on a green background. The initials AGHS are above the crest, while the school motto 'Walk in the light" is underneath, both written in yellow.

The colour yellow represents the Light of the torch, while the green colour depicts the life given by the Light. The white colour speaks of the product of this life. The school uniform is green. Green is life which signifies growth of the school.

The AGHS schoolgate


  • Mrs Jean Wilkinson 1948–1954
  • Miss Mary Bruce 1955–1968
  • Mrs Joan Waithaka 1969–1984
  • Mrs Rebecca Karanja 1985–2002
  • Mrs V.M Kituri 2003–2004
  • Mrs J.N Mbugua 2004–2008
  • Principal – Mrs Dorothy Kamwilu

The school chapel, one of the landmarks of the school, is located opposite the Administration block. It is used for services on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. It is also where the school Barazas are held. The school chaplain is Reverend Marion Strain until Reverend Dorcas Kamau took over in 2011.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • First Lady Lucy Kibaki
  • First woman presidential candidate – Hon. Charity Ngilu
  • First woman cabinet minister – Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa
  • Former assistant minister – Agnes Ndetei
  • Former assistant minister – Julia Ojiambo
  • First woman permanent secretary – Margaret Githinji
  • First woman head of civil service – Dr. Sally Kosgei
  • Former permanent secretary to the Habitat- Pamela Mboya, wife of the late Tom Mboya
  • First woman judge of High Court and Court of appeal – Lady Justice Effie Owuor
  • Justice M. Mugo
  • Justice Joyce Khaminwa
  • Medical doctors: Dr. Betty Gikonyo and Dr. Florence Manguyu
  • Educationists: former Principal Mrs. Rebecca Karanja, Mrs. Mary Okello, Dr. Eddah Gachukia, Prof. Ruth Oniang', Prof. Micere Mugo, Prof. Ciarunji Chesaina, Dr. Rosalind Mutua
  • Poet, writer and educator – Micere Mugo
  • First woman vice-chancellor of a public university Prof. Olive Mugenda of the Kenyatta University

School life[edit]

The school has five streams in each form and the girls are accommodated in ten houses:

New House

Learning facilities include;

  • Computer laboratory
  • Biology laboratories
  • Physics laboratories
  • Chemistry laboratories
  • Music room
  • Agriculture laboratory
  • Home science block
  • Art room
  • Business studies room
  • Library

In the music room students can practice on traditional instruments such as triangle, shakers, drums, xylophone and chivoti, and modern instruments like recorder, piano, drum set, guitar and violin.

Alliance High School

Ever since its foundation as the African Girls High School in 1948, the School maintains close relations with its brother school, The Alliance High school. They interact both academically and socially. Each of the 9 houses at the Alliance Girls' High School have a corresponding brother house at Alliance High School. The social interaction is aimed at grooming and finishing of the girls and boys. In this, houses usually participate in termly get together pre- or post- Valentine's Day event called 'Socials' and the much more anticipated bi- termly joint movies. Mail correspondence between the two schools is also provided free of charge daily for both schools.

Religious Activities

The school is embedded in strong Christian principles with the PCEA as it church sponsor. Grace before partaking any meal, there's compulsory chapel service on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and Christian Religious Education is compulsory for the first two years of high school. However, different religions are respected and supported by the administration. A priest comes in to say mass every Sunday, and other days upon request. The Muslim students have a Prayer room and are at liberty to practice their faith. In addition, they conngregate with their male counterparts at the Alliance High School's Carey Francis Memorial Lecture Theater. There is also a joint Easter Service and vigil Christmas Carol service held in the school chapel annually.

Clubs and Societies

The school lay strong emphasis towards extra- curricular involvement. A minimum of three clubs is required once enrolled; an academic club, a non- academic club and a sport. The school offers several clubs, some of which are;


Math Club – pan- African Olympiad Champions, Strathmore University Scholarship Champions.

French Club – Francophone Week champions.

German Club

Swahili Club

History Club

Music club

ICT Club – Best Idea for ICT in Education Champions.

Non- academic

The Drama Club – 2011 Kenya Drama Festivals National Champions, 2010 National finalist, 2009 Central Province finalist.

The Girls' Choir – Annual accolades at Kenya National Music Festivals.

St. JOhn's Ambulance- Annual national champions.

Social Welfare Society – Annual biggest fund raisers for society welfare causes in Kenya.

Journalism Club- Who publish the School magazine.

Girl Scouts

Old People's Home Visit

Sunday School Teachers

Youth Catholic Students


Girls' Swim Team – National swimming Champions.

Girls' Basketball – 2011 National Champions, 2010 National finalists.

Field Hockey – 2011 Provincial Finalists.

Tennis- National and Provincial accolades.


Table Tennis

Student Administration

Along with teachers, the schools employs student captains, a very prestigious title, to aid in administration. Similarly, is a school baraza, the student council, in which the students get to openly and directly share their opinions with the school principal.

Physical fitness is enhanced through activities like jogging, aerobics and other school sports.

The guidance and counselling department holds talks, seminars, and workshops.

A nurse is available to attend to medical cases, in a sanatorium. She is on call 24 hours and so can attend to emergency cases.

School song[edit]

The school song was composed by an 'A' level student, Mary Dena in 1985. This was after the poor examination results which depressed AGHS. The song was meant to stimulate and inspire the girls to continue working as a team to revive their lost glory. The school song is usually sung at the beginning and end of every school term as a constant reminder to all gathered of the comradeship at AGHS.

School Baraza[edit]

This is a forum where the students discuss issues affecting their school-life, mainly involving airing grievances to the school principal. The principal in return addresses the raised issues and gives a report to the students at the next baraza. The baraza serves as a link between the students and the school administration.

Exchange programme[edit]

Alliance Girls' High School has an exchange programme with Brooks School in Massachusetts, USA. First priority is given to meritorious students. The students are selected by a panel of teachers. They then fly over during the April holidays. Their 2-month stay is facilitated by a selected family. The students also have better opportunities to study in universities in Kenya and abroad.

Another exchange program with a school in the United Kingdom, Sir John Leman High School. Three students from Alliance Girls' and three from Alliance High School plus six students from the Port Reitz school in Mombasa take part in this exchange every three years.


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