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Alliance Rail Holdings
Alliance Rail Holdings.svg
Formation 2009
Managing Director Ian Yeowart
Parent organization Arriva UK Trains

Alliance Rail Holdings[1] is developing plans to operate passenger trains in the United Kingdom through its subsidiaries Great North Western Railway Company Limited (GNWR)[2] and Great North Eastern Railway Company Limited (GNER).[3] They were planned to start from December 2013.[4] The company seeking access rights of up to 30 years to reflect the investment proposed.[5]

Alliance has undertaken detailed timetabling and economic work to support its application to the Office of Rail Regulation. This work will also provide the opportunity to review the potential for the re-introduction of a more regular inter-city service at locations such as Nuneaton and Tamworth, and also offer new direct services between West Yorkshire and Crewe, allowing easy onward connections to Wales and the South West.

Alliance is headed by Ian Yeowart,[6] founder and former managing director of Grand Central Railway. A new development team was announced on 12 August 2010.[7] The venture is majority owned by Arriva.[8]

Proposed services[edit]

Great North Eastern Railway[edit]

Great North Eastern Railway

GNER, resurrecting the name of the defunct Sea Containers subsidiary, is planning to run between London King's Cross, Cleethorpes, Bradford Forster Square, Ilkley, and Edinburgh.

The planned timetable is:

Services from King's Cross to Skipton via Garforth and Keighley had also been proposed, but were dropped for unknown reasons in 2014.

Great North Western Railway[edit]

In June 2014 GNWR successfully concluded negotiations with Network Rail for access paths to run between Euston and Blackpool and Leeds (6 each per day), from 2017 using Pendolino trains, additionally, access was only guaranteed as far as Queen's Park.[11][12] However, the deal has yet to be approved by the Office of Rail Regulation.

Rolling stock[edit]

In 2010 it was proposed that services be operated by dual-mode (diesel + electric) Polaris trains,[5][13] capable of 140 miles per hour (230 km/h).[14] Sixteen trainsets were expected to be ordered, with a capacity of up to 350 passengers each.[15] However, the Polaris deal was not finalised and Alliance has indicated that it is investigating updated UK Pendolino sets from Alstom.[10]

Alliance is looking to use trains that can operate at maximum line speed, with six carriages. A mixture of first and standard class seating is expected. On the Pennine route, four-carriage trains would be required.[16]


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