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The Alliance for Animals was established in 1988, by a small group of animal advocates dedicated to bringing humane education and affordable veterinary services to inner city Boston, USA. In addition to bringing services to the people, Alliance brought life-saving rescue to the animals of Boston.

Since 1988, the Alliance for Animals has gone from a handful of volunteers working from their homes, to an organization staffed by veterinarians, technicians, administrative workers, and volunteers. Since 1988, the Alliance for Animals has spayed/neutered and provided other veterinary services for approximately 60,000 animals with the help of Alliance's Metro Action Clinic in South Boston. The Alliance has also rescued and secured permanent, loving homes for another 4,500 cats and dogs.

No-kill shelter[edit]

The Alliance for Animals operates Boston's only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. The shelter and low-cost veterinary clinic is located at 232 Silver Street in South Boston. The organization assists those animals that would otherwise have no chance - the animals other shelters turn away. [1]

They operate a rescue and adoption program for temperament-tested, ambassador pit bull dogs, "the most neglected, abused, misunderstood, and overpopulated companion animals in America today".[1] Their goal is to educate the public about the nature of these dogs, and give both people and dogs the chance for a loving relationship.


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