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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Superorder: Crocodylomorpha
Family: Atoposauridae
Genus: Alligatorium
Gervais, 1871
  • A. meyeri Gervais, 1871 (type)
  • A. franconicum Ammon, 1906
  • A. paintenense Kuhn, 1961

Alligatorium is an extinct genus of atoposaurid crocodylomorph. Alligatorium remains have been found in Germany and Mongolia. There are several species included within the genus. The type species is A. meyeri, named in 1871. Other species include A. franconicum, named in 1906, and A paintenense, named in 1961. A franconicum is considered a nomen dubium. A paintenense is likely to be closely related to the family Goniopholididae and not a member of the Atoposauridae. Another species, A. depereti, was named in 1915, but has since been reassigned to its own genus, Montsecosuchus.[1]


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