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Allinea DDT
Developer(s) Allinea Software Ltd.
Initial release 2002
Stable release 4.2.1 / April 2014; 8 months ago (2014-04)
Development status Active
Operating system Linux, AIX and Blue Gene
Platform Intel x86 - 32-bit, x64, ARM, PowerPC, Intel Xeon Phi and CUDA
Size 61 MB
Available in English
Type Debugger
Licence Proprietary commercial software
Allinea DDT logo

Allinea DDT, is a commercial debugger produced by Allinea Software[1] of Warwick, United Kingdom, primarily for debugging parallel MPI or OpenMP programs, including those running on clusters of Linux machines, but also used by many for scalar code in C, C++ and Fortran 90.[2] As of November 2013 it is used on 46 of the top 100 supercomputers on the TOP500 list.[3]

It is used to find bugs on both small and large clusters, from 1 to 1,000s of processors. It is the first debugger to be able to debug a Petascale system - having debugged 220,000 processes, over 2 Petaflops, on a Cray XT5 at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.[4][5][6]

The debugger has logarithmic performance for most collective debugging operations, due to using a tree architecture across the machine network to control the many single-process debuggers. This architecture enables operations to be measured in milliseconds at full scale.

It features a complete memory debugging tool which can be used to detect memory leaks, or reading and writing beyond the bounds of arrays.

Allinea DDT includes support for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors[7][8][9] and IBM Blue Gene.[10] The debugger is also able to debug GPU software written for CUDA applications.[11][12]

Allinea Software's products are used globally by a wide range of companies and institutions to solve real world grand challenges. For example, Allinea DDT is used by:

Allinea Software is a founding member of the European Technology Platform for HPC, which consists of vendors and research centers. Its mission is to improve European HPC capabilities.[20][21]

Allinea Software also develops a scalable MPI performance profiler - Allinea MAP.[22][23][24]

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