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Dr. Allison Blake
Eureka character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Andrew Cosby
Jamie Paglia
Portrayed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Aliases Allison Stark
Gender Female
Occupation Department of Defense liaison
Director of Operations, Global Dynamics (seasons 1-3)
Head of Medical Science, Global Dynamics (Season 4)
Title Doctor
Spouse(s) Dr. Nathan Stark (deceased)
Jack Carter (2012-present)
Children Kevin Blake (son)
Jenna Stark (daughter)
unnamed child (with Jack)

Allison L. Blake (formerly Stark) is a fictional character on the American science fiction drama Eureka. She is played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield.


Allison was an Agent for the Department of Defense. A medical doctor, Allison served as the government liaison between Eureka and the Pentagon, and also oversaw Eureka's main laboratories and was usually present when something went wrong, professional or otherwise. Allison normally would request sheriff Jack Carter to look into strange situations. Allison was usually at the forefront of any dilemma that might arise, as she was responsible for reporting on the progress of Eureka's citizens, as well as their temperamental innovations. Following Stark's removal as director of Global Dynamics, Allison succeeded him in that position, and during her time as director, her password was 8675309.[1]

Upon Eva Thorne's arrival, Thorne became Chairman of Global Dynamics and appointed Allison Director of Operations, while Stark was restored to his previous position as Director of Research. The two were made partners to oversee Eureka's development.

In season 4, after returning from 1947 to the altered timeline, she was no longer head of GD but was instead in charge of the medical science division. In season 4.5, her brain was "hacked" by Beverly Barlowe who injected nano-neural inhibitors in her brain and thus took over control of Allison's body. However, thanks to Jo and Zoe intervening in Beverly's takeover of Global Dynamics, Allison soon regained control of her body.

After the season 4 finale, Allison's whereabouts were unknown. She, along with the crew of the Astreaus mission, disappeared in an unplanned, faster-than-light (FTL) jump. At the beginning of season 5, they returned to earth. Upon returning to Earth, the crew learns that they were gone for four years and artificial intelligence computers now run the town. After helping restore the town to normal, it was revealed that the crew was in a simulation and were being held captive by Beverly Barlowe and the Consortium. After returning to proper reality, Allison continued her job. Shortly after returning, it was discovered that Holly was actually still alive in the "Matrix" (the term they agree to refer to as the digital world) and Allison helped aid Zane and Fargo return the trapped doctor by putting Holly into SARAH's main computer frame.

Personal relationships[edit]

Allison is 37 years old, and has a son, Kevin, who has autism. In Season 4, a time travel incident occurs which creates an altered timeline, and in the altered timeline, Kevin does not have autism. Allison's first husband (Kevin's father) died shortly before Kevin's birth.

Allison was previously married to Nathan Stark, but their relationship broke down because Nathan put work before family, although they did not divorce immediately after their separation because of Kevin. When Nathan was appointed Director of Research for Global Dynamics in Warren King's place, Allison wasn't happy to have to see and work with him again on a daily basis, though their relationship improved when Nathan finally agreed to a divorce, and they even managed to remain friends. Eventually, Nathan proposed to Allison, and she accepted. On the day of their wedding, Nathan apparently perished sealing a time-space anomaly. In the Season 3 episode, "From Fear to Eternity" it was revealed Allison was pregnant with Nathan's child. In the episode "You Don't Know Jack", Allison gave birth to a daughter, Jenna, named after Nathan's mother.

In Episode 1, Season 4, (Founder's Day), after she, Jack, Henry, Fargo, and Jo are transported back to 1947, she and Jack kiss "just for luck" right before being transported back to 2010. Upon returning, however, Jack discovers he is still in a relationship with Tess, and therefore may not pursue a relationship with Allison. Allison, meanwhile, is stunned to discover that in this altered timeline, her son is no longer autistic. In the next few episodes we see that Dr. Grant is flirting with Allison and she seems to like it a little, although Jack isn't really too happy about that. During episode 5 it seems that Allison and Dr. Grant are now close and she is helping him to quit smoking.

When Dr. Grant gets sick later in the episode she expresses great concern for him, and at the end of the episode she agrees to have a drink with him. In the next episode Jack admits to Allison's son, Kevin, that he is in love with Allison. In the episode "Stoned", Jack asks Allison out on a date and she said yes, but they don't even get to go because people are starting to turn to stone. At the end of the episode Jack tells Allison how he feels but she doesn't want to risk their friendship because she is afraid things won't work out. As we see Jack walk away he pauses and then we see him grab Allison and kiss her, and she kisses him back with passion.

In episode 8, Jack and Allison both have hallucinations. While at Jack's house, they discuss the matter. Carter seeing Stark while Allison sees Tess. With Allison telling Tess she's scared of losing Jack like she did Stark and Jack telling Stark that he's "head over heels" in love with Allison and has been since he met her, the hallucinations disappear. Jack asks Allison if she'd like to have dinner. Allison replies that she was thinking breakfast and heads up the stairs in Jack's house leaving the viewer with the presumption that they have finally taken their relationship to the next level.

In the first episode of Season 5, Allison believes that four years have passed, and discovers that Jack and Jo fell in love, and are raising her children.[2] In the episode "Jack of all Trades", after returning to the real Eureka, Jack proposes to her with an onion ring until he can buy a real one. Two episodes later (In Too Deep), Jack and Allison are stranded inside a submarine that Jack had dispatched to have a lunch date with her. The trip quickly goes wrong when the sub crashes on the bottom, which causes the pressure to crack the sub and water quickly rushes in. After completing a communications line with GD and creating a teleportation device to take them to GD, Allison tells Jack to marry them then and there. Henry acts as the justice of the peace and announces them as husband and wife before they are completely submerged in water. In the series finale, Allison announces she's pregnant.


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