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Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd
Type Semiconductors
Industry Fabless microprocessor
Founded 2007 (2007)
Headquarters Zhuhai, China
Products Integrated circuits
Employees 500 (2013)

Allwinner Technology is a China-based fabless semiconductor company that designs mixed-signal SoCs and provides total system solution. Headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong the company currently employs about 500 people – 80% of which are engineers.[citation needed] It has a sales and technical support office in Shenzhen, China, and logistics operations in Hong Kong.

Since 2014 Allwinner Tech. company is also an official member of the Linaro group, a not-for-profit engineering consortium aimed at developing open source software for the ARM architecture.[1]

Product History[edit]

Allwinner was the No.1 supplier of application processors for Android tablets in 2012

Since its founding in 2007, Allwinner has released more than fifteen SoC processors that have been widely implemented in Android-based tablets,[2] as well as in smartphones, Android internet boxes / set-top boxes, video camera systems, car DVRs, and car media players.[3] In 2012, Allwinner was the number one supplier in terms of unit shipments of application processors for Android tablets worldwide.[4][5]

Allwinner Product History

F-series processors

From 2007 to 2011, Allwinner introduced its F-series processors, F10, F13, F18, F20, F1E200, F1C100, F20. This series runs Allwinner's self-developed operating system Melis2.0, which is now mainly used in vehicle multimedia system, E-ink reader, Visual intercom system etc.

A1x family

In 2011, the company became an ARM processor licencee,[6] and subsequently announced a series of ARM Cortex-A8 powered mobile application processors, including A10, A13, A10s and A12, which were used in numerous tablets, and also in PC-on-a-stick and media center devices. They have also been adopted in free hardware projects like the Cubieboard development board.

A2x and A3x family

Allwinner A80 octa processor

In December 2012, Allwinner announced the availability of two ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore powered products, the dual-core Allwinner A20 and quad-core Allwinner A31. Production of the A31 started in September 2012 and end products, mostly high-end tablets from Chinese manufacturers, appeared on the market in early 2013, including the Onda V972.[7] Allwinner was the first to make this ARM processor available in mass production.

In March 2013, Allwinner launched its quad-core Phablet processor A31s.[8] Based on quad-core cortex-A7 CPU architecture, this processor allows 3G, 2G, LTE, WIFI, BT, FM, GPS, AGPS and NFC using a minimum of external components.

In October, 2013, Allwinner released its second dual-core A23, touted to be "The most efficient dual core processor" for tablets.[9][dead link] The A23 CPU frequency runs up to 1.5 GHz, and test data indicated that the power consumption of an A23-powered tablet is low, music playback power consumption (offscreen) can be as low as 48mA.[10][11]

In June, 2014, AllWinner announced the A33 Quad Core SoC, that is Pin-to-Pin Compatible with AllWinner A23. The new soc features 4 Cortex-A7 cores with 256 KB L1 Cache, 512KB L2 cache and a Mali-400MP2. A new feature is the support of OpenMAX API. This chip doesn't support nativly SATA.[12]

Upcoming products

Allwinner Product Roadmap 20131010

During the A23 product release conference, Allwinner also disclosed its upcoming octa core A80.[13][14]

On Oct 10, 2013, Allwinner released its product roadmap in 2014 and 2015, indicating that octa-core and wearable processors were on the way.


The V-Series are video encoding processor targeting applications such as smart DVR, IP camera and smart home applications. It has a similar configuration of the A series SoC, but with extra feature such as Digital watermarking, Motion detection, CBR/VBR bit rate control mode. [15]

Chipset Specs[edit]

The Allwinner SoC family includes A-series, which is intended for Android OS, and F-series, which is intended for the company's self-developed Melis operating system.

The A-Series, including the A10, A20 and A31 SoCs, have a proprietary in-house designed multimedia co-processing DSP (Digital Signal Processing) processor technology for hardware accelerated video, image, and audio decoding, called CedarX (with subprocessing called "CedarV" for video decoding and "CedarA" for audio decoding), able to decode 2160p 2D and 1080p 3D video. The main disadvantages with CedarX technology and associated libraries is that Allwinner's own CedarX proprietary libraries have no clear usage license, so even if the source code for some versions is available the terms-of-use is unknown in open source software, and there is no glue code for any other multimedia frameworks on GNU/Linux systems that could be used as a middle-ware, like for example OpenMAX or VAAPI.


SoC cores CPU GPU VPU Video Decoder Video Encoder Package Application Examples
Allwinner A1X A10 1 Cortex-A8 Mali-400 CedarX 2160p H.264
1080p @ 30fps
19mm × 19mm
0.80mm Pitch
Tablet, smart TV Gooseberry, Cubieboard, MarsBoard
A10s BGA336
14mm × 14mm
0.65mm Pitch
HDMI Dongle OLinuXino A10S
A12 BGA336
14mm × 14mm
0.65mm Pitch
A13 eLQFP176
20mm × 20mm
Tablet, E-reader CCE Motion Tab TR71, OLinuXino A13
dual cores A20[16] 2 Cortex-A7 Mali-400MP2 CedarX 2160p H.264
1080p @ 30fps
19mm × 19mm
0.80mm Pitch
Tablet, smart TV Vivaldi Tablet Cubieboard2, OLinuXino A20, MSI Primo 73,
ampe a65, Apical M7098, RF M722JH,
Bmorn K80, 10moons X6, Cubietruck, MarsBoard, pcDuino, Banana Pi
A23 BGA280 14x14mm 0.80mm pitch Tablet
quad cores A31 4 PowerVR SGX544MP2 CedarX 2160P
H.264 1080p @ 60fps BGA609 18mm × 18mm, 0.65mm Pitch Tablet, Smartphone, smart TV Readboy G50, GoClever Orion 70,Foxconn InFocus,
Mele A1000G,Onda V972, Ployer MOMO19HD,
Bmorn K23, Ampe A10 Flagship, Epudo ES1006Q
A31s H.264 1080p @ 30fps BGA460 18mm × 18mm, 0.80mm Pitch Phablet,Tablet, smartphone, smart TV iView CyberPad iView-788TPC,
MSI Primo81, Teclast P88s mini,
Ainol Novo 9 Firewire, Apical M7853,
Ployer momo mini, Gajah MD7019,
JWD m785, MELE AHD10A04,
HP 8[17]
A33[18][19] Mali-400MP2 H.264 1080p @ 60fps BGA282 14mm x 14mm, 0.80mm Pitch Tablet
octa cores A80 Octa 8 big.LITTLE:
Cortex-A15 + Cortex-A7
PowerVR G6230 (Rogue) 4K×2K@30fps H.265/VP9 1080p@30fps, H.264 HP/VP8 4K×2K@30fps Phablet, Tablet, smartphone, smart TV Cubieboard 8, PCDuino 8


SoC CPU Memory Video Decoder Video Encoder Package OS Application
F1C100 ARM9 SDR 720p N/A LQFP128 Melis 2.0 Car MP5, Car Headrest, Visual Bombox, Visual Radio
F1E200 DDR 1080p N/A eLQFP128 E-ink Reader, PMP
F10 DDR 1080p N/A LQFP176 Multimedia Box, HD Player
F13 DDR 1080p MPEG4 720p @ 30fps LQFP176 Car MP5
F18 DDR 1080p MPEG4 720p @ 30fps LQFP216 Visual Intercom System
F20 DDR/DDR2 1080p H.264 1080p @ 30fps BGA400 Car DVR, Multimedia Box, Mobile Karaoke

Allwinner Processor Ecosystem[edit]

Allwinner IDH List

As a leading chipset vendor, Allwinner Technology cooperates with around ten IDHs based in Shenzhen, China, who develop solutions based on Allwinner processors. They include iNet Technology, Worldchip Digital Technology, Sochip Technology, Topwise Communication, ChipHD Technology, Highcharacter Science and Technology, WITS Technology, Ococci Technology, Next Huawen Technology, and Qi Hao Digital Technology.

Apart from the white-box market, Allwinner processors can also be found in many brand products, including MSI, ZTE, NOOX, Skyworth, MeLE, Polaroid, Macromax, Archos, Texet, Onda, Ramos, Teclast, Ployer, Readboy, Noah, RF, Bmorn, Apical, Astro Queo, etc.

Free and open-Source support[edit]

Due to the cheap price of the A10 SoC, the fact that it has a special rescue mode, and the early availability of u-boot and linux kernel source (through several device makers), the Allwinner SoCs has been very popular with open source software developers. The linux-sunxi community is currently one of the most active ARM SoC communities, and the hardware has only very minimal dependence on firmware or binary blobs.[20]

Allwinner uses FEX instead of device trees (DTs)[21]

Since 2014 Allwinner Tech. company is also an official member of the Linaro group, a not-for-profit engineering consortium aimed at developing open source software for the ARM architecture.[22]

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