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Alma Luz Villanueva (born 4 October 1944 Lompoc, California) is a Mexican-American poet, short story writer, and novelist.


Her Mexican grandfather edited a newspaper in Hermosillo, Mexico, and was a published poet. Her maternal grandmother, a Yaqui Indian curandera/healer (as was her mother) from Sonora, raised her in the Mission District of San Francisco.[1]

She taught at University of California Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, Naropa Institute, Mesa College, University of California San Diego, Stanford University, Pacific University. She teaches at Antioch University Los Angeles in the MFA in Creative Writing Program, for the past fourteen years as of 2012.[2] She lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.[3]


  • 1989 American Book Award for the novel The Ultraviolet Sky
  • PEN Oakland fiction award, 1994, for the novel "Naked Ladies"
  • Latino Literature Prize, New York, 1994, for poetry, "Planet"
  • The Best American Poetry, 1996, for poem, 'Crazy Courage'
  • 1976-1977 Chicano/Latino Literary Prize [4]



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