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Alma Vivian Powell (née Johnson) (born October 27, 1937 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an African American audiologist and the wife of military and political figure Colin Powell,[1] whom she married on August 25, 1962.[2] She is a graduate of Fisk University.

She is the mother of former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael Powell.[3] She also has two daughters, Linda Powell, an actress, and Annemarie. Her father and uncle were principals of two of the black high schools in Birmingham; Condoleezza Rice's father worked in her uncle's school as a guidance counselor.

Alma Powell is the co-chair of America's Promise, an alliance of national organizations dedicated to teaching today's youth. She has also authored two children's books, America's Promise and My Little Red Wagon.[4][5] A branch of the Kalamazoo Public Library system has been named after her and in 2011 was named the NASBE's National Education Policy Leader of the Year along with her husband.[6][7]


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