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Open Joint Stock Company
Industry Aerospace & Defense
Founded 2002
Headquarters 41 Vereyskaya str. Moscow, Russia, 121471[1]
Key people
Vladislav Vladimirovich Menshikov (General Director, Anatoly Ivanovich Sabin (Head of Research)
Revenue Increase 272.1 bn roubles (2013)
Profit Increase 12.7 bn rub. (2013)

JSC Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" (Russian: ОАО "Концерн ВКО "Алмаз-Антей"») is a Russian joint undertaking in the arms industry, a result of a merger of Antey Corporation and NPO Almaz, unifying some of the national military enterprises, in particular, the developers of anti-aircraft defence systems (PVO in Russian). The organisation is headquartered in Moscow.It is the world's 12th-largest defence contractor measured by 2013 defence revenues. In 2013, the entity had arms sales of $8.33 billion.[2]


Founded in 2002 by Presidential Decree 412 of the Russian President.[3]

In 2003 the Director General of the Concern, Igor Klimov was shot dead. Criminal investigation found that it was linked to a property revision inside the company.[citation needed]

The current Board is headed by Viktor Ivanov, Director General; Vladislav Menshikov, Chief Designer; and Anatoly Savin.


Includes 46 enterprises and scientific research institutes:

Concern structure optimization process continues by inclusion into it the following enterprises (since 2007[4]):

  • JSC Arzamas Instrument Plant
  • JSC Impulse (Moscow)
  • JSC Lantan (Moscow)
  • JSC Interstate joint-stock corporation Vympel NPO (Moscow)
  • JSC Radiophysics (Moscow)
  • JSC Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (St. Petersburg)
  • JSC Saturn (Omsk)
  • FSUE State Scientific Research Institute of Device-designing (Moscow)
  • FSUE Scientific Technical Center of Industrial Technologies and Aeronavigational Systems (Moscow)
  • FSUE "FNPC "Nizhegorodsky Scientific Research Institute of Radiotechnics" (Nizhniy Novgorod)
  • FSUE OKB Peleng (Ekaterinburg)

Total net profit of Almaz-Antey – 1.7 bn roubles (2004), total gain – 38.2 bn rub.

In Feb. 2015 President of Russia signed a Decree to rename JSC Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" to Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" ('PVO' means Anti-air defence in Russian and 'VKO' means Air and Space Defence) and to increase it's capitalization.

Concern included several more enterprises like JSC Special Purpose Space Systems Corporation 'Cometa' and JSC Central Scientific and Research Institute of Radiotechnics named after Academician A.I. Berg

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