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Alnabru Freight Terminal aerial.jpg
Alnabru Freight Terminal
Location Oslo
Coordinates 59°55′45″N 10°50′11″E / 59.92917°N 10.83639°E / 59.92917; 10.83639Coordinates: 59°55′45″N 10°50′11″E / 59.92917°N 10.83639°E / 59.92917; 10.83639
Owned by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Trunk Line
Platforms 6.50
Depth 97.3
Opened 1902
Closed 1971

Alnabru Station is a former rail station on the Trunk Line in Alnabru in eastern Oslo, Norway.

Alnabru was opened in 1902. The station had passengers, but was mainly concerned with goods. The Alnabru–Grefsen Line opened in 1901 and Loenga–Alnabru Line opened in 1907, and a large goods terminal was opened at the station.

In 1971, the Alnabru–Grefsen Line was closed as a mainline station, the Trunk Line instead went around the area, and a new station, Alna, opened outside it. The former station building was destroyed, and the goods terminal was closed. The new Alnabru station does not lie on a main line, and has no passenger traffic.

In the same place as Alnabru Station, between 1872–1873 there was a station named Alna, which should not be confused with the later station of the same name.


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