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Alney-Chashakondzha is located in Russia
Location on Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
Elevation 2,598 m (8,524 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,825 m (5,988 ft)[2]
Listing Ultra
Location Kamchatka, Russia
Range Sredinny Range
Coordinates 56°41′33″N 159°38′42″E / 56.69250°N 159.64500°E / 56.69250; 159.64500Coordinates: 56°41′33″N 159°38′42″E / 56.69250°N 159.64500°E / 56.69250; 159.64500[2]
Type Stratovolcanoes
Age of rock Pliocene
Last eruption approximately 1600 A.D.[3]

Alney-Chashakondzha (Russian: Алней-Чашаконджа) is a volcanic complex located in the northern part of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. It consists of two stratovolcanoes: Alney (2598 m) and Chashakondzha (2526 m).[3] Alney is one of the few large stratovolcanoes in the Sredinny Range known to have been active throughout the Holocene, with more than 30 documented pyroclastic deposits.[3]

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