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Alok Mukherjee (born ca. 1945) is a human rights and equity facilitator and is the current chair of the Toronto Police Services Board

Mukherjee emigrated to Canada from India in 1971. He became a community activist and race relations consultant in Toronto and is currently a partner in Partners in Equality and a member of the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action.[1]

He has served as Acting Chief Commissioner and Vice Chair of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and been a member of the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services and has served on the Board of Governors of Centennial College.[1]

Mukherjee became vice-chair of the Toronto Police Services Board in 2004 and became chair in 2005 succeeding Pam McConnell.[2] Mukherjee is the second longest-serving board chair. Only Charles O. Bick, first chairman of what was then the Metropolitan Toronto Police Commissioner, has served longer with a tenure of 22 years.

Prior to his appointment as one of the city's civilian representatives on the board in 2004, Mukherjee was an instructor in South Asian studies at York University and an advisor to Mayor David Miller.[3]


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