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For the shipwreck, see Alondra (shipwreck).

Mexican Billboard award winner and Latin Grammy nominated recording artist. She was also known as "La Madrina de Menudo" for having a group of teenagers open for her concerts. This group eventually became known as the world famous Menudo. Alondra herself became a teenage idol in the early 1980s. She performed in 4 OTI contests and was named Billboard's Best New Artist 1981.


Alondra's career spanned for six years and six albums, including Discos RAFF, Melody and Fonovisa. Some of her radio hits include "Baila Vanidoso" ("Dance, Vain Guy"), "Pega la Vuelta" ("Turn Around and Go"), "Tango", "Tormentas", and many more.

Alondra then fully retired to take care of her two children, her daughter is now attending Princeton University. And her son won Pop Star singing contest in Austria. Graduated from Webster University Vienna.

When she was young she studied at Prepa Tec Campus Eugenio Garza Lagüera with Alejandro Rodriguez Omaña, Rogelio Gerardo Valdés García and Eugin Raquel. She gave birth to a baby girl at age 17 and left school to pursue her dreams and start an acting career.

In 2001, Alondra came back with a grupero album, which awarded her with a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Grupero Album of the Year. This marked a complete shift from her early pop music years. Since then, Alondra has recorded six new albums in various genres, including pop, rock, trance, cumbia, and dance. She was nominated two consecutive years to the International Dance Music Awards.

She currently lives in Europe. She was also featured with her husband on an HGTV episode of House Hunters International which aired February 5, 2014.


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