Alone Again (Bee Gees song)

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"Alone Again"
Song by Bee Gees from the album 2 Years On
Released November 1970 (1970-11) (United Kingdom)
October 1970 (1970-10) (United States)
Recorded 5 October 1970
Genre Blues rock, symphonic rock
Length 3:00
Label Polydor (United Kingdom)
Atco (United States)
Writer Robin Gibb
Producer Robert Stigwood, Bee Gees
2 Years On track listing
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"Alone Again" is a blues-rock number released by the Bee Gees' on the 1970 album 2 Years On. This track was written and sung by Robin Gibb, Another track from the album "I'm Weeping", was also written and sung by him. In December 1970, the Bee Gees performs "Alone Again" in 192 TV without drummer Geoff Bridgford.[1]

Background and recording[edit]

On its intro, it features a piano, and the bass played by Maurice, and the Bill Shepherd's orchestra, This song has a plenty of Maurice's instrumentals and harmony vocal. It was recorded in October 5 same day as they recorded "Lost" (unreleased), "Portrait of Louise", "Fantasy" (not released) and "Tell Me Why"[2] Maurice played the piano, bass and guitar, Geoff Bridgford on the drums and Bill Shepherd on the orchestra, Barry was not sing backing and harmony vocals or playing guitar on this song. The song starts with a pianos, Robin's vocal here was double-track. On the chorus, it features that Robin and Barry sing harmony:[3]

I am alone again
You can't believe the tears that I've shed

I'm on a bound down train
Don't desert me now or I am dead

There is a promotional video for this song, but was only a rare, and was filmed in black and white with Robin holding the mike, Maurice on grand piano, and Barry playing his Gibson J-160E guitar.[4] On the outro, the trumpets was heard.



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