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Alonewalk cover
Studio album by Dave Couse
Released April 2, 2010
Label 1969 Records nice 0026
Dave Couse chronology
The World Should Know

Alonewalk is the third album released by Dave Couse since the breakup of A House, his second on 1969 Records. It was mastered by Bob Ludwig and features a duet with Cathal Coughlan on the song "Good Friday". The album was released on Good Friday (April 2) in 2010. All songs are written by Dave Couse.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Black and White"
  2. "Dark Blue"
  3. "Don't Say a Word"
  4. "Good Friday"
  5. "Habitual"
  6. "What Will Become of Us?"
  7. "All Tomorrows"
  8. "Time"

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