Alonso Fernández de Heredia

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Alonso Fernández de Heredia
39ºRoyal Governor of La Florida
In office
18 Apr 1751/55 – 21 Apr 1758
Preceded by Fulgencio García de Solís
Succeeded by Lucas Fernando Palacios
77º Colonial Governor of Yucatán
In office
Preceded by Melchor de Navarrete
Succeeded by Jose Crespo y Honorato
37º Governor of Guatemala
In office
Preceded by Juan de Vera
Succeeded by José González Rancaño
Governor of Honduras
In office
1747/1761 – ?
Preceded by Juan de Vera
Succeeded by Diego de Tablada
Governor of Nicaragua
In office
Personal details
Born unknown
Cetina, Zaragoza, Spain
Died March 19, 1782
Guatemala City
Spouse(s) Elena Marin de Villanueva e Hijar
Profession captain general and Politician

Alonso Fernández de Heredia (died March 19, 1782) was a Spanish captain general and politician who belonged to the Captaincy General of Guatemala and ruled Florida (1751–1758), Yucatan (Mexico) (1758–?), Nicaragua (1761–1771) and Honduras (1761-?).


Alonso Fernández de Heredia was born Cetina, Zaragoza, Spain, in the 18th century. He was son of Antonio Fernandez de Heredia y Liñan Altarriba, Count II of Contamina, and of Beatriz Ximenez de Cerdan y Gurrea, Marquesa II de Barboles. He was captain of the Spanish army general and Field Marshal of the royal armies.[1] In 1749, he became involved in a smuggling case well known at this time, so twenty nine years later, he was sentenced along with other contributors. Interestingly, both Alonso Fernandez, like all other people accused of smuggling were the promoters of the plan of defense of the Atlantic Coast and they had fought against the British. Two years after of smuggling, in 1751 (or in 18 Apr 1755, according the sources[2]), he was appointed governor of Florida,[3] where he established a naval stores industry.[4] During his government in this - in these time - province, the Spanish crown send Spanish settler groups with the goal of repopulating this region. So, between 1757 and 1759, were send to Florida 154 families hailed from Canary Island.[5] Heredia left the government of there in 21 Apr 1758,[2] when he became the governor of Yucatan, Mexico.[3]

In Yucatan, he published a royal decree which exempted to Indian women from all taxes and carried out several modifications to the fortification of Campeche.[6]

Later, on June 14, 1761, Alonso Fernandez moved to Guatemala to become Captain General.[3] During this time, he asked the crown of creation of the viceroyalty of Guatemala based on elements of the region such as higher livestock, sugar mills, fruit and cocoa and the great development of their cities, but the request was rejected.[7] This year, he was also governor of Nicaragua (although according to some sources, he was governor of Nicaragua, in fact, between 1746–1753) and he was elected at the same time as acting governor of Honduras. His government in Honduras implemented a series of changes such as the reorganization of taxation, an attack against the Guatemalan town hall and an extension of state jurisdiction on social sectors. These objectives were met with great success due to provincial relations that he had achieved in previous positions. Fernández Alonso was also able to change their local government relations, getting, well, processing applications for the people of Tegucigalpa. On June 18, 1762 he obtained the title of Villa Real de Tegucigalpa de Heredia (however, it was the royal decree of July 17, 1768 which confirmed the appointment as Villa). On March 12, 1768, he left the Captaincy General of Guatemala. Alonso Fernandez also was recognized by the construction of Tegucigalpa in the construction of Omoa, where many people died due to harsh climate of the region and its difficulty to adapt to him.[3]

He died on March 19, 1782 in Guatemala City where he fixed his last residence.

Personal life[edit]

Alonso Fernández de Heredia married with Countess III San Clemente Elena Marin de Villanueva e Hijar and they had one daughter: Maria Magdalena Fernandez de Heredia y Marin de Villanueva [8]


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