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The Rojas family, more commonly known in English-speaking America by their matronym, Alou, is a prominent Major League Baseball family from the Dominican Republic. The family name in the Dominican Republic is the paternal family name of Rojas, but Felipe Alou and his brothers became known by the name Alou when the Giants' scout who signed Felipe mistakenly thought his matronym (Alou) was his surname. The Rojas Alou brothers' maternal grandfather, Mateu Alou, was an immigrant from Felanitx, Spain, who immigrated to the Dominican Republic in 1898.

Felipe, the oldest of three bothers, was the first Dominican to play regularly in the Major Leagues. His younger brothers Matty and Jesús were both longtime National League outfielders. In 1963, while all playing for the San Francisco Giants, they became the first all brother outfield in the Major Leagues. Felipe's son Moisés, is also a former Major League outfielder. All but Jesús have been named All-Stars at least twice. Mel Rojas, a cousin of Moisés, pitched in MLB for ten seasons.