Alpaslan-2 Dam

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Alpaslan-2 Dam
Alpaslan-2 Dam is located in Turkey
Alpaslan-2 Dam
Location of Alpaslan-2 Dam
Official name Alpaslan-2 Baraji
Location Muş Province, Turkey
Coordinates 39°02′07.68″N 41°31′06.93″E / 39.0354667°N 41.5185917°E / 39.0354667; 41.5185917Coordinates: 39°02′07.68″N 41°31′06.93″E / 39.0354667°N 41.5185917°E / 39.0354667; 41.5185917
Purpose Power, irrigation
Status Under construction
Construction began 2012
Opening date 2016 est.
Owner(s) Enerjisa Power Generation Inc.
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment, rock-fill with clay-core
Impounds Murat River
Height 116 m (381 ft)
Length 844 m (2,769 ft)
Elevation at crest 1,371 m (4,498 ft)
Dam volume 12,450,000 m3 (16,283,985 cu yd)
Spillway type Controlled chute, 6 radial gates
Spillway capacity 7,542 m3/s (266,343 cu ft/s)
Creates Alpaslan-2 Reservoir
Total capacity 2,431,000,000 m3 (1,970,844 acre·ft)[1]
Normal elevation 1,368 m (4,488 ft)
Power station
Commission date 2016 est.
Hydraulic head 93.32 m (306 ft) (rated)
Turbines 2 x 110 MW, 2 x 30 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity 280 MW
Annual generation 606 GWh[2]

The Alpaslan-2 Dam is an embankment dam currently under construction on the Murat River in Muş Province, Turkey. The dam is located about 32 km (20 mi) north of the provincial capital, Muş. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and irrigation. Its power station will have an installed capacity of 280 MW and the reservoir will help irrigate 78,000 ha (190,000 acres) of land.[3] Enerjisa Power Generation Inc. acquired the license for the power station from Özışık İnsaat & Enerji in April 2011 and Yenigün Construction started excavating the diversion tunnels May 2012.[4] The diversion tunnels are expected to be complete by the end of 2012.[5] In late May 2013 Pöyry was awarded the detailed design of the dam, power station, spillway and switch yard.[6] Enerjisa expects the project to be complete in 2016.[4]

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