Alpha2 Capricorni

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α² Capricorni
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Capricornus
Right ascension 20h 18m 03.3s
Declination −12° 32′ 41″
Apparent magnitude (V) +3.58
Absolute magnitude (V) +0.98+0.07
Distance 109±3 ly
(33±1 pc)
Spectral type G8 IIIb
Other designations
Gredi, Algedi, Secunda Giedi, Algiedi Secunda, 6 Capricorni, HR 7754, HD 192947, BD−12°5685, FK5 761, HIP 100064, SAO 163427, GC 28200, ADS 13645, CCDM J20181-1233
For other star systems with this Bayer designation, see Alpha Capricorni.

Alpha2 Capricorni2 Cap, α2 Capricorni) is a star in the constellation Capricornus. It also has the traditional star name Secunda Giedi or Algiedi Secunda, and shares the name Algedi (from الجدي - al-jadii, meaning the goat) with α¹ Capricorni.

In Chinese, 牛宿 (Niú Su), meaning Ox (asterism), refers to an asterism consisting of α² Capricorni, β Capricorni, ξ2 Capricorni, π Capricorni, ο Capricorni and ρ Capricorni.[2] Consequently, α² Capricorni itself is known as 牛宿二 (Niú Su èr, English: the Second Star of Ox.)[3]

α2 Capricorni is a yellow G-type giant with an apparent magnitude of +3.58. It is approximately 109 light years from Earth.


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