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AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd
Web address
Type of site News
Available language(s) English, Spanish, French and German
Owner Independent
Created by Staff writers
Launched 1998

AlphaGalileo is a business to business science news service founded in 1998. It operates in several languages. AlphaGalileo was created as a result of UK government efforts in the the 1990s to promote public engagement with science.

AlphaGalileo provides the world's media with breaking research news releases, event information, books, etc, from all disciplines - science, medicine, social sciences, humanities, arts, applied science and business. The website provides news under embargo from peer-reviewed journals.

The service was founded in 1998 by Peter Green, then Head of Information at the UK's Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council,[1] with the support of the Association of British Science Writers [2] and Euroscience.[3] From 1998-2003 the service was delivered as a project of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.[4] In 2003 management passed to an independent company 'AlphaGalileo Foundation'. It is now managed by AlphaGalileo Ltd, but remains independent of any media or research organisation. From 2001 and 2002 it was part-funded by the European Commission via a Framework V grant.

Media users and news providers are moderated.[5]

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