Alpha Delta National Fraternity

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Alpha Delta Social Fraternity
The official coat of arms of Alpha Delta National Fraternity
Founded August 4, 2007; 7 years ago (2007-08-04)
Henley Park Hotel
Type Social
Scope National
Motto 'In Brotherhood We Stand, In Service We Rise.'

     Forest Green      Old Gold

     Onyx Black
Symbol Great Horned Owl (bird),
Giant Sequoia (tree)
Flower Daffodil
Jewel Onyx
Chapters  United States 6 Active
Cardinal principles Leadership, Brotherhood,
and Service
Headquarters Orono, Maine, USA

Alpha Delta National Fraternity (ΑΔ) is a nationally incorporated fraternity that was founded out of a need to help keep young men out of trouble by holding before them a standard of manhood that would withstand the test of the ages. Initially formulated by 14 men representing four universities in the Henley Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. on August 4, 2007, Alpha Delta upholds that its purpose is a fraternity of college men in recognition that service to mankind is not only an obligation, but a higher calling. Yet while Alpha Delta has a high standard in service, it maintains many academic and social opportunities for its brothers.[1]

Alpha Delta is based on the principles of Leadership, Brotherhood, and Service.[2]


Although appearing to be a relatively new American college fraternity, Alpha Delta maintains that it's history dates back to the foundations of another national fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega was founded at Lafayette College Easton Pennsylvania on December 16, 1925 in the fellowship of the principles of the Boy Scouts of America. This organization would go one to become one of the largest all male Greek lettered college organizations in the United States. During the tumultuous period of the 1970s, the United States passed the Title IX educational amendments which in effect provided that single gendered community service organizations must become coeducational. Responding to these events and during a vote at the 1976 National Convention of Alpha Phi Omega, the fraternity voted to become coeducational in compliance with these new university rules and regulations. This caused a great deal of contention among many established chapters across the United States, who felt that such a significant change would adversely impact their active membership, alumni base, history, and existing local relationships, as many of them operated like traditional American social organizations regardless of the organizations service mandate. Many of these chapters threatened to disassociate if forced to go coed. In order to preserve the fraternity as a whole, ‘The Gentleman’s Agreement’ was acknowledged providing that it would not require existing chapters to admit women as members albeit all new chapters had too. These local chapters would come to be known as the all male chapters of Alpha Phi Omega and would continue for almost 40 years. During this period, the all male chapters developed a unique culture and camaraderie with each other, formulating a unique subculture all to themselves.

After several decades, many legislative attempts were made to clarify national membership standards over a chapter’s right to self-determination. However, none of these attempts succeeded until 2005. In July 2005, a Board of Directors Resolution was adopted attempting to clarify the National Fraternity’s membership policies and such resolution was ultimately upheld at the 2006 Alpha Phi Omega National Convention. The Gentleman’s Agreement had in effect been nullified while implying that the all male chapters would need to comply with this mandate or risk losing recognition from the national organization. Many of the surviving All Male Chapters of Alpha Phi Omega, feeling alienated and betrayed, with their decades of loyal contributions marginalized, decided to discuss their future. A meeting was convened within a hotel conference room among the all male chapters to discuss their options. Later, in defiance of the 2006 legislative action, and in order to preserve their unique fraternal history and heritage, the Sigma Xi Chapter at the University of Maine, the Zeta Theta Chapter of Drexel University, and the Pi Chi Chapter of Duquesne University decided to disassociate themselves from the National Organization and established a new fraternity, the Alpha Delta National Fraternity. This fraternity was later joined with the Psi Delta Chapter at the University of Maine at Machias and the Nu Mu Chapter at the University of Minnesota at Duluth.

The foundations of what would become the functional founding date of the Alpha Delta National Fraternity occurred on August 14, 2007 at the Henley Park Hotel in Washington DC where fourteen men representing four all male chapters agreed to pursue interest in a new national organization. All of these members announced their desire to maintain the unique history in which their predecessors long fought for since the events of 1976. Additionally, all members in attendance adopted the Washington Convention Mission Statement and Alpha Delta was agreed to be the acting name of the new organization. Later conventions on November 17, 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts and on January 25, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania established the new national organizations ritual, bylaws, symbolism, colors, and coat of arms. Later, the crest was eventually redesigned by Jessica Lewis, a friend of the Zeta Theta Chapter, and later again redesigned by Bart Brizee of the Sigma Xi Chapter at the University of Maine.

The Mission Statement[edit]

We the undersigned chapters are committed to independence from National Alpha Phi Omega. Under the principles set forth by Frank Reed Horton, we are committed to establishing a new national fraternity. With recognition that service is a civic duty among college men; our fraternity shall be a social fraternity with a primary devotion to community service. Furthermore; we are committed to the history, tradition, and values of individual chapters, we are committed to following our respective colleges or university’s policies concerning social organizations, we are committed to safeguarding all proceedings of this committee. We welcome each of the all-male chapters to petition the committee for involvement with the new fraternity. We are committed to the governing body as the voice and authority of the group and finally we are committed to fundraising for this new fraternity.


The purpose of Alpha Delta shall be to assemble college men in a national fraternal order as envisioned by Frank Reed Horton and the Boy Scouts of America. This fraternity is dedicated to developing leadership by providing service, forging the bonds of brotherhood regardless of race, creed or background, and by developing an understanding that service to mankind is not only an obligation, but a higher calling.


Sigma Xi – University of Maine (Est. May 15, 1967)
Zeta Theta – Drexel University (Est. May 16, 1948)
Pi Chi – Duquesne University (Est. May 15, 1966)
Psi Delta – University of Maine at Machias (Est. May 14, 1972)
Nu Mu – University of Minnesota at Duluth (Est. May 25, 1961)
Alpha Beta – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Inactive)


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