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Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB) is a biomedical engineering honor society founded by Dr. Daniel Reneau of Louisiana Tech University, United States, in 1979. The first chapter of AEMB was founded at Louisiana Tech University. Membership of AEMB is offered to the top fifth of juniors and top third of seniors in biomedical engineering, who have completed at least six semester credit hours (or the equivalent) of biomedical engineering courses.


University Year founded Department or Chapter link
Arizona State University 2004 Chapter
Boston University 1994 Chapter
Case Western Reserve University 2005 Chapter
Drexel University 2011 Chapter
Florida International University 2007 Chapter
Georgia Institute of Technology 2005 Chapter
Johns Hopkins University 1996 Department
Louisiana Tech University 1976 Department
Marquette University 1993 Chapter
Milwaukee School of Engineering 1994 Department
North Carolina State University 2010 Chapter
Purdue University 2010 Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2002 Department
Rutgers University 2006 Chapter
Stevens Institute of Technology 2012 Chapter
Texas A&M University 1998 Department
Tulane University 1978 Department
University of Illinois at Chicago 2003 Department
University of Iowa 1988 Department
University of Miami 2002 Chapter
University of Pennsylvania 2006 Department
University of Rochester 2005 Department
University of Pittsburgh 2003 Department
University of Wisconsin–Madison 2005 Chapter
Vanderbilt University 1998 Department
Virginia Commonwealth University 2005 Department
Washington University in St. Louis 2001 Chapter
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2007 Department


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