Alpha Polaris

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Alpha Polaris
Developer(s) Turmoil Games
Publisher(s) Just a Game
Engine Wintermute Engine[1]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
  • WW June 24, 2011
Genre(s) Point-and-click adventure, horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Alpha Polaris is a point-and-click horror adventure game, developed by Finnish company Turmoil Games and published by Just a Game. It was released for Microsoft Windows on June 24, 2011.[2] The game is set in a research station in Greenland.[1]


Rune Knudsen is a Norwegian biologist and the protagonist who is awaken by Tully Crean, a coarse and somewhat obnoxious handyman. He tells him that a stray polar bear has wandered into the grounds so Rune needs to sedate it and put on a satellite tracking collar for his research and thesis on the animal life on Greenland. Once Rune has the bear sedated, he learns that it has an infected teeth and is badly malnourished that he has no choice but to put the bear into a cage and call the Veterinary Service the next day.

Elsewhere, Al Schaumann, the leader of the expedition and the exploratory oil facility/research station, has found a crevasse filled with oil, along with something strange that he discovered in a cave inside the crevasse and can’t wait to show everybody. This turns out to be some human bones and an aged picture showing dark images and strange pictographs. Not only does it show conflict for Rune since him being at the station is nothing more than a public stunt by the oil company though he does hope that this archaeological find could postpone the oil company but Alistair Euler, the arrogant son of the company’s CEO will be arriving the next day for a sudden unscheduled inspection.

During the night, Rune starts to experience horrid nightmares and wakes up. He finds the radio letting out strange sounds, and Tully who seems to be having night terrors and walks around muttering insane rambles about a beast that lurks in the forest from childhood memories until Rune manages to calm him down slightly. Rune then later finds Al marveled by the aurora who tells him that there will be a record breaking ion storm which caused the radio to blur out noises and that communications may be down for a while, while reminiscing some myths that how aurora was once seen as a gateway for spirits by the natives.

Next morning, Tully wakes Rune to show him that the polar bear has torn the cage apart and is badly injured because of it. Rune reluctantly decides to put it out of its misery and berates himself for putting a sick wild animal into a cage though Tully theorizes that the ion storm may have caused psychological effects on animals and humans due to their brains electric functions. Using his tracking system, Rune follows the bear but barely manages to escape with his life when the bear all bloodied and bruised up, attacks him in a frenzy forcing Rune to shoot and kill it. Guilt ridden and emotionally devastated for killing the bear, Rune decides to study the bones and discovers that the marrows was extracted suggesting that the natives might have practiced cannibalism.

Al advices Rune to calm down from the traumatic experiences with the bear to make an Alaskan Bombe cake for his first date with Nova, an attractive girl whom Rune naturally has a crush on whom and whose family background gives her special insight into the situation. While Nova tells Rune that the Inuit never practiced cannibalism since it was considered strictly taboo, she gives him her thesis on the mythological aspect of her culture including an article involving the Wendigo in order for him to translate the pictographs. But their date is cut short as Alistair arrives by helicopter and starts to take control of the station demanding samples from the crevasse much to the team members dismay and discomfort on Nova since they once dated creating a suspenseful triangle drama between Rune and Alistair.

On the following night, Rune wakes from experiencing more horribly graphic nightmares involving Nova's gruesome death and hears gunshots from outsides. It turns out that Tully has entered a state of insanity and shoots blindly around him claiming to scare away the beast that haunts him and Rune has to sedate him with his tranquilizer gun after being confronted by Alistair.

Next morning, Alistair grudgingly confronts Rune, Al and Nova for what happened to Tully. Rune tries to reason him by telling that the ion storm may some more supernatural nature but Al denies his theories and Nova who obviously had her own night terrors last night refuses to help him which leaves Rune to no choice to investigate the cave by the crevasse by volunteering to gather oil samples for Alistair. After breaking into Nova's room and steals her remaining thesis on Inuit culture, Rune gathers his equipment and drives off.

Rune descends into the crevasses and finds the cave that Al discovered and wanders deeper inside to find a nightmarish summoning site and a throne made of human bones and ice for Wendigo created by a renegade tribe who tried to summon the spiritual creature from the skies and it came and destroyed the entire tribe. Suddenly Rune sees the menacing spirit ascend from the throne and chases after Rune who crashes his snow car and is left exposed to the cold night.

Rune wakes up and finds both his hands cut off because they were too gangrenous due to the hypothermia but it turns out to be a nightmare that he wakes from and finds his hands to be bandaged but otherwise fine. He finds Alistair and Nova arguing and tells him that both Tully and Al has disappeared last night after Nova managed to save Rune. Alistair who now believes in the Wendigo as well, angrily accuses Rune for luring the spirit but calms down when Nova berates at him restating some past issues that may have caused the two to split up in the first place and offers assistance as an apology because he didn't have any night terrors like the others.

Nova sadly asks Rune for forgiveness that she didn't support him but Rune accepts it because she saved his life or you can choose to not forgive her in a dialog choice. Either way, they theorizes that when Al came back from the crevasse with the bones and pictographs from the Wendigo's ritual chambers, it caused a rift in the veils beyond the aurora and the ion storm confirming the violent behavior of the polar bears and later the night terrors they've experienced so the best conclusion is to disintegrate the bones.

Rune manages to burn the bones into ashes by gathering magnesium dust and other ingredients to create a fire far more intensely hotter than normal fire, but he also finds Tully. It turns out that he committed suicide during the night. Later, Rune finds a note in Al's room that says that he has wandered outside in a desperate attempt to lure the evil spirit away from the others suggesting that he may not survive.

Nova invites Rune to her room to spend the night together but soon the night terrors returns stronger and the power is out. Rune manages to get the power back on, but is gunned down by Alistair. It turns out that he too had suffered night terrors and has now entered a state of insanity believing that Rune has killed Nova. Rune desperately breaks back inside and kills Alistair in defense. Searching for Nova, its revealed that Al has been under the Wendigo's spell and has chosen him to create a vessel in the water pump well down below the research station, consisted by both animal and human bones and body parts and tries to kill Nova as a final sacrificial ritual by cutting out her heart. Rune arrives in time and shoots Al who promptly cuts his own heart to summon the spirit but Rune foils its plans by destroying the well and Al and the Wendigo falls deep into the ice cold ocean.

Rune and Nova now both the last survivors and lovers leaves the research station by a snow mobile and drives off to Thule past a peaceful polar bear who looks at them curiously, revealing that the Wendigo's influence has vanquished forever.


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